22 August 2010

So I had this idea ....

Sitting on the sofa one afternoon and surveying our mid-renovation disaster area (ie. the house), I thought to myself: What if I stopped posting hundreds of photos and lengthy descriptions of our home reno/decorating adventures on Facebook, and just started my own blog?

Impossible, right?  Turns out, not so!  Thanks to the helpful guidance of friend-of-a-friend and seasoned blogger Lindsay at Being Suzy Homemaker
, I was off to the races in less than a day!  Several hours of work later (yes, hours ... I am "tech-challenged") and here we are: my very first post.

I should probably introduce myself, and let you know why you should keep reading and perhaps visit often:

My name is April and I live with my perfectly nuclear family (husband D., son J. and daughter A.) in a relatively small (though on-the-grow) suburb town outside of Toronto in a 1956 bungalow on a quiet court street.  Our house is exactly like all the other houses on our street: single level, orange brick with small rooms, few windows and a myriad of decorating and design challenges.  We love its history: I was raised in this house.  My grandparents purchased it on spec in 1955, moved in in '56, and brought up four kids and a stable of dogs, cats, drop-in friends and grandchildren in it.  They lived here until 2004, when we purchased it and moved in.  We love its location and we also love its potential.  How, then, to take a home with so much history and make it ours?

Over the next two years we have committed to transforming our space into a comfortable, beautiful, functional family home: renovating and beautifying our nest, one twig at a time.  We are like many other people we know: long on dreams and often short on cash.  Some projects - like our current bathroom renovations - are small money pits that require every last cent we have (and some donations!).  Other rooms will be designed and transformed on a shoestring budget.

I am totally confident that I can achieve beauty and function without spending the earth and while we already have a good start on the make-over process (catch-up posts to come!), I am excited to share our experiences past, present and future.  Welcome to Money Pit Love ... I hope you'll stay with me as we navigate the process of making this house a real home!