06 September 2010

An Assortment of Photos: Main Floor Bath

Our beautiful retrofitted vanity (excluding drawers).  This is a shining star in our bathroom: totally unique, one-of-a-kind and absolutely perfect.  Best thing of all?  All told, with purchase price, professional refinishing andretrofit + installation, it was less expensive than a standard name-brand vanity from a box store.  How can you beat form, function AND good for your pocketbook?  You can't!
The toilet.  Flat-out essential and always functional, but not always pretty.  In this case?  Sooo pretty.
The corner of the tub and the magazine holder and toilet paper dispenser that I am thoroughly in love with.  You can see why!
Against the solid marble tub apron, I've laid the two fabrics which will eventually become our custom shower curtains: gray for fall/winter, blue for spring/summer.
Our ceiling light slash fan: pretty and functional!
Our polished chrome, octagonally-shaped vent cover which perfectly references our floor tile.  It is a special touch that is my shiniest moment of attention to detail in the room.