21 March 2011

Back in the Decorating Saddle

It has been an interesting time around our house these past few months, and those interesting times unfortunately have diverted my attention from my fledging blog.  Not any longer!  Recent events have put design back into the forefront of my life and reinvigorated us to tackle our honey-do list.

And WHAT A LIST!  My most annoying habit (if you ask my husband, and/or anyone who knows me even marginally well) is that I love to start projects, but peter out in energy or interest and never finish them.  Coupled with a never-ending task list, I am often frustrated by our lack of progress and by never
really feeling like I accomplish much of anything, despite my many, best and sometimes rather frantic efforts.  Again, not any longer!

Yesterday I sat down with a pen and paper and gave some careful thought to the good, the bad and the ugly-that-has-yet-to-be-dealt-with on our journey to making this house our perfect family home.  The lists, as it turns out, are long and scary. 
Very scary.  But I ask you: what could be more motivating to get stuff done than writing it down for the world to see and making myself truly accountable for crossing each item off?  I say: Nothing, that's what.

So over the next few days you will see a bevy of new posts comprised of my to-do lists, warts and all.  Each post will begin with a "design objective", a short overview of the look and feel I'm targeting for each space which will work equally well keeping my eye on the overall target as it will to give you an idea of the look I'm aiming for.  We'll consider these our "Before" file, and I'll be using these to keep me on track as I jump
back in (with both feet!) to our interior makeover process!  Happy reading!