21 March 2011

Kitchen ~ Before (#1)

Design Objective: 1950's kitsch + cozy + cool
  • Sand and paint the window trim
  • Sand and paint upper and lower cabinetry
  • Replace hardware
  • Install a backsplash behind the sink, and wall-to-wall along stove wall
  • Level the stove (soooo important)
  • Tile the floor
  • Find the perfect fabric and have a roman blind custom-made
  • Paint walls, including the stairwell to the side door
  • Replace light fixture
  • Install under-cabinet lighting
  • Permanently install dishwasher (versus keeping it portable, which is a hassle)
  • Replace or cover or otherwise find a solution to the countertop problem (the problem being that it's ugly and old)
  • Clean out and reorganize the fridge.  Replace if possible with a more energy-efficient model
  • Reorganize cupboards and storage


A note about the kitchen: down the road, somewhere in the distant future, hubby and I intend to demolish the wall separating office and kitchen to create one huge, expansive and gorgeous kitchen in the centre of the house.  It will be around this kitchen that all activity in our home will centre and to which all design in our home must connect, so our hearts and minds right now are set on a sleek, streamlined space warmed up by lots of wood (hello, American black walnut or teak or similar) and marble, a la:

photo via homeklondike.com
photos via kitchendesignnotes.com
photo via theluxehome.com

Until such time that we have the finances (and collective will) to make such a renovation happen, I'm contenting myself with updating the dark, poky little kitchen we have.  "Tarting" her up, if you will, to make it a more cheerful and relaxing place to be.  So in the meantime, before my sleek and gorgeous kitchen is born, I'm aiming for a relaxed '50's vibe to tide me over until the real work starts.