30 March 2011

Living Room - In Process

Design Objective: Casual comfort with modern, mid-century, vintage and exotic influences (so basically, eclectic)
  • Hem curtains
  • Reupholster bench seating
  • Find fabric and sew pillows for bench seating
  • Install (and paint) chair rail
  • Extend curtain rod slightly on the south wall
  • Install and paint a coffered ceiling treatment
  • Do something about those god-awful fans (just not sure what exactly)
  • Move treadmill to the basement rec room
  • Reupholster yellow chair and install them flanking the dresser on south wall
  • Sand and paint window trim
  • Sand and paint door frames & trim
  • Get a plant, a big, tall, deep green one with huge leaves like giant lily pads.  Yup, that'd be nice ...

looking in from the office at the north wall
taken from the back door, looking at the east wall
the view of the south wall from the north corner