24 March 2011

"Office" ~ Before

Design Objective: N/A

I'll let you in on a little secret about why we're not doing much to decorate this space in a traditional sense: THIS will eventually become the other half of our kitchen!  Eventually ... not now.  Likely not even soon.  With a little patience and a lot of careful planning and saving, we hope to demo the wall (ie. "The Great Divide") between the kitchen and office and integrate the two spaces.  For the time being, however, we want to make this room as functional as possible but spend as little money as possible.  Hence: the shortest list you'll find in all the Before section.

  • Paint
  • Move couch and desk to basement rec room
  • Move buffet table (currently in dining room) to office; flank with  book shelves
  • Hang artwork
PS - please excuse the mess in these photos!  They were taken only for posterity, not looks ...

South wall, backing on to bathroom/bedroom wing
North wall (aka: the wall that will eventually come down), backing onto the kitchen