25 March 2011

White Wonderland

Whomever doesn't believe in the transformative power of paint has clearly never experienced the beauty of fresh white paint.

Our dining room and office are in a shambles right now with furniture jammed in the centre of room, and stuff piled on stuff piled on stuff: a few days ago, our painter Shawn applied the primer to our chocolate walls, and you would be amazed at the difference even that first coat made.  Now - five days and five coats later - the effect is amazing.  Where once the room was dark, small and maybe a little dingy, now it is light, bright and fresh.  It's like a deep breath of spring air after a dark winter.

The most wonderful aspect of white paint wasn't revealed to me until today, though.  This was my first opportunity to see our new color in bright daylight from dawn until now.  In the evenings with interior lighting, we already know our white has a deep creamy appearance, almost like pale candlelight.  But who could have imagined that one color - white - could shift from pale blue at dawn to yellowish-green in the morning sunlight, to soft true white just after lunch?  With one color selection, we've ended up with an endlessly shifting palette that brings the outdoors in ... in a word: amazing!

I'm excited to show you pictures of the transformation next week, once we get the furniture back in place and can live comfortably in those two room again.  Until then, I leave you with some photos of beautiful white rooms below and wish you a very happy weekend!

photo via Country Living.com
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photo via Living Etc.com
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photo via Style at Home.com
photo via House of Deva
photo via Design Wonderland
photo via Design Wonderland