29 April 2011

WHO Is Her Decorator?! Royal Interior Design Spotlight

Today's the day!  The festivities began at 4am ET this morning and while I was certainly not enough of a super-fan to get up that early, I am watching the 9am replay on television and enjoying every minute of it.  I'm a sucker for pomp and circumstance and if the Royals embody anything, it's exactly that!

With the much-anticipated nuptials, however, my three-day blogosphere pre-party comes to an end.  My thought: How better to celebrate the big day than to explore - and admire! - the beautiful rooms in the houses of royalty?  Curated over hundreds of years with countless treasures and priceless items, one can only imagine what it must be like to live in homes so steeped in history and beauty.  Here are a few of my favourite images:

Brussels Royal Palace, Belgium | via Home Interior Design Themes

Mysore Palace, India | via Cowboys and Indians (courtesy of Google)

Royal Palace at Caserta, Italy | via Flickr

The Palace of Versailles, France | via Hub Pages

What a buddy never gets to see, of course, are the private apartments.  It makes me laugh to imagine them decorated with Ikea purchases and Ebay finds, which couldn't be further from the truth I suppose but it's entertaining nonetheless ... royalty or not, they are on an allowance, after all.  And how better to stretch your housing dollar than online auctions and "Swedish for 'common sense'"?

And if the value of any place can be measured by its bathrooms which, let's all be honest,
it can be, then what I'd really like is to get an eyeful of the loos.  Suffice is to say, however, that unless I bust the bugget to cross a few times zones and develop the cat-like reflexes required to dodge crack Royal security teams, I suspect I might be doomed to always wonder what the private spots in these very public homes might be like ... unless Harry's looking to take a bride??

Happy weekend, everyone ... Pip pip!  Cheerio!!