05 May 2011

Inspiration Gallery #4 | Country Charm

There is a good possibility that my excitement over the upcoming Christie Show is spilling over and wreaking havoc with my usual design sense; in fact, that may be exactly what's happening.  Alternatively, it could just be that I'm giving my multiple design personalities a bit of extra play time now that spring has sprung.  Whatever the reason, my imagination has seized upon the countrified-chic and farmhouse-glam look, and I can't get enough.

Amid my usual shelter magazine purchases this month slipped in a
Country Homes and Interiors (what?!) and a Country Living (come again?!) and without even thinking (or blinking!) I dove in and ate them up first.  I'm easily wooed by the power of suggestion, and farmhouse interiors just sing to me of easy living and carefree style; of friends, family and fresh air.  Everything about this style feels breezy and fresh like a deep breath and a long exhale, and maybe that's just what we need after a long winter.

Here are just a few pictures of the style that's making me sigh this week:

via Home Interior Design
via Country Living

via Topic Den

via Kellyssima

via Harvest

via Home Living

via Interior Divine

via Portfoli Anthropologie