17 May 2011

Laundry Room ~ Before

Design Objective: Umm ... can you have a design objective for a laundry room?  Well, I suppose, why not?!  In general (and most importantly) it needs to be practical and functional but otherwise, I don't really have a "look" I'm going for.  I have painted the hallway leading in to the laundry room in a funky, vibrant turquoise ~ maybe this will be the jumping-off point?  Given that I don't have any specific style in mind, maybe this will be the one room in the house that I decorate "free form" .... I'll embrace the turquoise (and my silver washer/dryer, which go with anything) and shop around until I come up with something fantastic!

The hallway leading to the laundry room.  Note the fabulous peel-and-stick tile (not!).  I like the paint color, though
So yes, the laundry room is also a storeroom and a junk room.  Et voila, the remnants of our multiple bathroom renos

And yes, it's laundry day.  Sure I could have picked another day when it was tidier to snap photos, but that's not really my MO.  The laundry room is for laundry.  And mess.  And dust woofies here and there.  And lint.  So we just deal. 

Storage cupboard.  Genius, but maybe difficult to design around?  We shall see.

The freezer and a Sears special jewelry cabinet that is more useful than stylish.  But it's REALLY useful.

So that's the 360 tour of the laundry room, all 10 by 12 feet of it.  Our challenges include among other things low ceilings, bad lighting, inconvenient plumbing, ugly floors, and awkwardly placed appliances.  Fun times.