18 May 2011

Laundry Rooms I Heart (yes, really)

Posting the "before" pictures of the laundry room yesterday got me to thinking: just what sort of laundry room would I like, anyway?  What are my options?

A few clicks of the mouse later and I was surfing the net looking for inspiration, and boy did I find it in spades!  While I'm not ready to make any changes just yet, the old hamster is definitely turning in her wheel.  I'm keeping my eyes open for that one special item - the one that says "It's me!  TAKE
ME HOME!" - that will kick off a new decorating scheme.

In the meantime until I find it (or it finds me), check out the gallery below that's definitely helping to get my creative juices flowing!

via Home-Designing.com
Yes, I realize everyone doesn't have space enough for a chaise lounge and a table and a desk/seweing station in their laundry, but wouldn't it be awesome if we did?  I could totally rock out with this look.
via Impressed Inc.
I don't know how practical chicken wire is around fabric, but I heart that wallpaper
via 2 Brown Eyed Beauties
I love the casual-chic feel to this laundry room, and it's not so precious that I'd cringe at muddy pants on the floor!
via Home Trend Designs
*sigh* .... love ....
via Decor Pad
I don't know how reasonable it is to lust after multiple machines, but anyone with teenagers (or a husband, or pets) knows this would be a little slice of heaven
via Material Girls
I'm sure I've seen this design before (did I feature it here under the country inspiration gallery??  I think so!) but it still stands that I love this antique French country look
via Home Interior Design
I know what you're thinking: where's the washer?  I think it's the Smeg appliance, and I'm pretty sure this photo is courtesy of a UK homeowner.  I love their style!
via House and Home
This is a little severe for me, but I love the streamlined, crisp feel of it
via Just Beachy
I would live here.  Seriously.  It would be my own little paradise and no one else would be allowed in.  Ever.


Another must-have project to put on the (ever-expanding) list!   :)