06 June 2011

And How Was Your Weekend?

I would be lying if I said we weren't thrown some curveballs this weekend.  The rain on Saturday created all sorts of havoc: the Farmer's Market was dismal, the Martin Street Spring Fling was moved indoors and, I imagine, wasn't nearly as much fun (we didn't go).  The power was shut off for several hours which resulted in bored, cranky kids whose patience for charades did not outlast the power outtage, and as the capper on what was a pretty abysmal day, my professor failed to turn up for our first day of class so we're now six hours behind schedule in the curriculum and no wiser as to what happened and when - or if - class will begin.  I WILL say that my patience has just about run out for driving in conditions like this:

and this:

I'm just really over it, you know?

Sunday, however, turned our fortunes around.  The sun was shining, the weather was warm ... proverbial birds were singing everywhere.  The whole family (including teenage J., who battled his own fatigue to attend on account of he'd feel "too guilty" if he didn't) celebrated our niece/cousin's fourth birthday party at the in-laws, and it was a smashing success.  There is nothing more fun than watching a gaggle of pre-schoolers splash around in a paddle pool, run through a wizzy-sprinkler, chase each other across the lawn and nosh away on chocolate-chocolate-chip cake, homemade by the birthday girl's mum.  The revelry:

The lovely details:

The party-goer who loves the camera:

And the one who's "camera-shy" (or: "just likes to make things difficult for his papparazzi mother")

Such a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and big birthday wishes to our grown up girl, Little Miss J!