23 June 2011

A Big Blogger Hug

As a newbie to the blogging community, I am never ceased to be surprised and delighted by the generosity of these online authors.  After having let my little blog languish for a few months, I came back with renewed enthusiasm and a determination to make my blog a "thing" (thanks, Barnacle) and in doing so, reached out to all the bloggers I followed or read regularly, and whom I had included on my own blog's reading list.  The response I received was amazing.

Among the plethora of positive feedback I received, a few stood out on an individual level and deserve a little spotlight of their own:

, a relatively new blogger like myself, instantly took up the call of global community and is a prolific - and most appreciated! - commentator on my entries.  Shannon is a great support, and Money Pit Love has benefited greatly from her having adding me to her blog roll (pictures are coming of that design project!).  Emma is so gracious and offered to let me pick her brain as I work through the building process.  And last but never least, not only is Chris generously donating his time in the form of a coffee date/brain pick, we (Money Pit Love and I) couldn't be more excited to have been mentioned in his latest blog entry!

My worry when I launched this blog was that it would be read by no one and that I would wind up pouring out my personality (read: heart and soul) into a vehicle that would just "disappear it" into the ether.  Either that, or that I would be rejected outright.  Putting yourself out there in any format, even with the relative anonymity of a blog, is a risky affair, particularly for those like myself who are a wee bit sensitive to the judgment of others and generally risk-averse in the inter-personal relationship department.  And while not every reception was warm and fuzzy - people are people, after all, even online - the positivity, encouragement and warm, welcoming response I've received thus far has just been overwhelming.

So I suppose this is an entry of sincere thanks, and to give a
big, fat shout-out of recognition, appreciation and gratitude to all the amazing bloggers out there!!  You do an incredible job of connecting with and entertaining your readers, and of developing and supporting your community.  I am so happy to have "met" all of you and look forward to building bigger and better community bridges: I, and my little blog, are richer for it.

Thank you!!!