08 June 2011

Dressed for Summer

The original idea behind having two shower curtains made for the main floor bath was so that I could be one of "those people": the ones who update or change their decor on a seasonal basis.  I love those people.  I really want to BE those people, but I think maybe it takes some serious practice.

I had the best of intentions to switch around the curtains in early April, at the official start of spring.  What with our crazy schedules, however, it didn't work out that way
at all.  So we have a new plan: it's up now, and up it will stay until I get around to switching it back again!  It's a good plan.

Now I will admit that I wasn't 100% sure I would like this colorway as much as I like the grey one, but I have to say:
it's fantastic.  So gorgeous, and just perfect for a spot of summer cheeriness.  Here are some snaps of the presto-change-o:

Ahhh ... so pretty
Close up of the colorway.  The red/blue combination really makes the pattern pop
Taken from the hall, specifically so I could capture the hexagonal floor, which I *heart*

And last but not least, note the swanky door which is well on its way to being fully painted!  The white primer (from the natural wood) is already an amazing transformation ~ I can't wait to slick it up with the finishing coats of Benjamin Moore's Oxford White ... it's going to look amazing!

Just proves the point again: a coat of white paint makes ALL the difference

So there you have it: our main floor bathroom, all dressed for summer.  But which is better?

Grey & Orange / "Fall & Winter" OR Blue & Red / "Spring & Summer"