30 June 2011

Happy Long Weekend!!

This weekend is a long one for my fellow Canadians and I, celebrating Canada's 144th birthday (and she doesn't look a day over one hundred and two!).  Today slash tonight, businesses all over the country will be turning their signs, flicking their lights and closing their doors; people will flood into the streets ready to make haste, drink beer and celebrate the one true Canadian summer kick-off weekend.
    As we know, any quest worth its salt has perils and challenges to overcome along the path to victory, and long weekends are no exception.  As a nation, we will face traffic hardship, long line-ups at Loblaws suffering, and long line-ups at the LCBO adversity, all bitter tests of our individual stamina and collective will.  It is our unique Canadian Spirit - like the true North, strong and free! - that will see us perservere and succeed against all odds, hosting barbecues and enjoying cottage weekends nationwide.  And O, Canada, it's sooo worth it!

amazing cupcakes via here
flavored balls of something with maple in it (that I think are yummy-looking) via here
more cupcakes (this time with sprinkles!) via here
classic via here
still with the cupcake obsession via here

So clearly Canada Day to me means "food."  Specifically, cupcakes.  Wonder what that's all about?  Let's try again for actual decor:

splashy (and not at all cliched :) cake toppers via here
casually patriotic throw pillows via here
dinnerware that could totally pass for maple leaves via here
sophisticated red and white flower arrangements via here
celebratory table setting ideas via here
festive red and white bunting via here
some Canada Day adorableness via here

And for all our American friends who will be celebrating their own long weekend this July 4th (and may not be checking in with the blog [and rightly so!]), Happy Independence Day!  These ones are for you:

party pinwheels via here
4th of July desserts via here
picnic spread I'd like to dig into via here
fireworks!! via here

See you next week, everybody!!