27 July 2011

The Artful Blogger

After a small hiccup yesterday in getting Dexter released from the storage lot where he was towed after the accident, we're back on track in getting him to the body shop today where he'll undergo assessment and, hopefully, repair.  I'll keep you updated as I receive more details.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Sidebar: why do people have to be jerks and try to profit from the misfortune of others?  The auto collision shop that took in Dexter on Saturday - where the OPP sent him, I might add - tried to take advantage of the situation when I called them yesterday and convince me to go against the recommendation of my insurance company to use their services instead.  I was told that the insurance-recommended companies would use post-production materials (not as good) whereas they would only use original parts; that the cost of storage and towing would be at my expense and wouldn't be covered by insurance (a lie: it is); and that any other scratches or dents in the car could be incorporated into the insurance claim and no one would be the wiser (hello, insurance fraud?!).  Today when I called to release the car to insurance-preferred auto shop, the proprietor was beyond rude to me, and then tried to charge the procuring shop an exorbitant amount of money to release it.  They - and the insurance company - of course refused, and the issue eventually had to be arbitrated between the three parties before the first shop would give in and release the car.  Seriously??  As if a situation like this isn't complicated and distressing enough without some opportunistic jackass trying to literally scare up business.  JERK.  Playing on people's emotions by bullying them into using your services at a time of vulnerability is not the way to build a business, so if you're looking for an auto body or collision shop I am happy to let you know who NOT to use.  Send me an email if you'd like a recommendation.

On a lighter note, I opened my email yesterday to find the latest update from Style at Home: 28 Affordable Ways to Add Art.  Happy day.  It might be a bit of an understatement to say that my obsession with art is well documented (you can see a bit of my crazy-art-love
here, here and here, among other places) so naturally I was dead curious to see what S@H had to say about the matter.  They didn't disappoint.  From their adorable Etsy feature to their top ten tips and tricks for purchasing art on a budget, there were some great ideas included.  Here are some highlights:

Lovely Lady - Yellow Flowers, Giclee Print 8x10" at printmakerjenn, US$20
Pink Calla Lily No. 1, Photography Print 7x7" image on 8x8" paper by Nature Mandalas, US$25
Bright Landing, 11x14" by mdcreated, US$18
Tip #4: Frame your kid's art.  Framing homemade art is not only budget-friendly, it's meaningful
and celebrates the talent of your little Picasso or O'Keeffe
image via here
Tip #8: Frame your old LPs.  You - or someone you know - has a box full of
old albums in their basement ... turn them into wall art!  Framed covers
make an amazing, eclectic collection
image by Living Etc. via here
Add art in edited arrangements.  Incorporate disparate pieces but be selective about what you include (or don't).
Vignettes should have a cultured but not contrived feel, but most of all should reflect YOU.
image via here

For the whole, terrific article, jump to it HERE.

And on a sort-of-related note, here's my most recent Etsy purchase: a vintage-looking cigarette case with a bee motif, which I intend to use as a business card holder.

image via CosmicFirefly

It was a little pricier than what I was looking to spend originally, but I had a PayPal credit that was burning a wee hole in my virtual pocket which covered most of the cost except for a measly $3.11.  For the extra three bucks, the splurge was worth it: I'm pretty excited about it.

So how do you incorporate art into your space?  What are your tips and tricks for others, that S@H might have missed?  I'd love to hear them!