29 July 2011

Inspiration Gallery #8 | Cottage Country

If this one sounds a little more chipper than I have done in the last few days, it's because I wrote it in advance.  Love the Auto-Post function!  Have a good long weekend, everyone.

It begins!  Work is officially over.  The sabbatical has officially begun.  And to celebrate, we're packing up and heading out to cottage country for a few days of rest, relaxation, fishing, eating, and reading!  It's going to be heavenly.

So that you can celebrate along with me, I'm dedicating today's Inspiration Gallery to all things cottage.  I can hear the loons calling already ... !

Fishin' ....
Kayaking ~ via here
Fun in the boat (followed by some more fishin')
Rock jumping and lake swimming ~ via here
Muskoka chairs on the dock, preferably with cocktails ~ via here
Cooking everything on the grill ...
... and eating as often as possible outside on the deck ~ via here and here
A little tubing goes a long way ~ via here
Reading in the sunshine on the dock ~ via here
Naps.  And hammocks.  But mostly naps. ~ via here
Gorgeous sunsets
Loons calling from the water
Bonfires after dark with ...
... roasted marshmallows and ...
... S'mores!  ~ via here
Playing board games on rainy days ~ via here
Catching frogs (and releasing them ... and catching ... and releasing again) ~ via here
Nature walks ~ via here

Coffee on the dock at sunrise ~ via here
Watermelon with every meal ~ via here

~ all uncited photos ("Fishin'," "Fun in the boat," "Gorgeous sunsets," and "Bonfires after dark ...") by me ~

Mostly it's just a great excuse to slow down and focus on the important things in life, spending time with family and friends, which I will be doing plenty of (nothing but!) this weekend.  Regardless of what type of plans you have for the weekend, I hope you make the most of them and enjoy every minute of it.  See you on Tuesday!