11 July 2011

Need Stuff? I'm Selling Stuff!

I hadn't originally considered the blog as a sales outlet for items in my house requiring a new home (I don't know why), but Shannon over at 8 foot 6 inspired me to think a little differently with her post from Sunday! (thanks, Shannon!)

August is going to be a big month for us on the home-front (more on that later) and in preparation for the upcoming changes, I've started the (frequently difficult and sometimes heart-wrenching) process of editing our belongings and finding new homes for items that need them.  A little context before I break it down for you:

My husband and I are, to varying degrees, packrats; one of us more than the other, but we don't assign blame.  (I'll let you guess who the worst culprit is [hint: it's Daryn] but if the worst culprit is reading then to him I say: 
Hi, babe! Love you!)

We keep
everything.  We edit nothing.  We moved into our house in 2004 and still have boxes in our basement "wreck" room that we haven't unpacked but that we can't (or won't) throw out.  It's very, very sad and I worry about our future appearance on 'Hoarders'.

Compounding our mild hoarding issue is also a mild shopping one (and I admit, here it's me that's the perp).  Daryn calls me a "marketer's fantasy"
(in the spirit of truthfulness, he actually calls me a marketer's something-else-entirely, which is generally a nocturnal occurance for teenage boys everywhere, but "fantasy" has a much nicer ring to it, don't you think?) in that I will fall - every time - for a good sales pitch.  Or even a mediocre one.  I am banned from watching the Home Shopping Network alone and/or between the hours of 1- and 5am.  I am rarely encouraged to shop alone, especially at antique marketplaces or similar where I have been known to do quite a lot of damage in very little time.  But where I am an absolute CHAMP is on Craigslist.  Kijiji and eBay are for the birds in my book (apologies if you love them) but Craigslist is the absolute bee's knees.  Most of my house is furnished with fabulous Craigslist finds, and it's my go-to website for some relaxing, anonymous shopping fun on rainy afternoons (or sunny mornings, or boring weekends, or when there's nothing good on TV ...)  I rock that online marketplace from sun-up to sundown and all points in between.

My point here, of course, is that courtesy of Craigslist we have quite a lot of items that I fully intended to use - and use well! - but never got around to it.  We have more chairs than bums to sit on them; we could play musical chairs with the whole family for hours each night and never double up our seating arrangements.  We have furniture coming out our proverbial yin-yang, with desks we don't need, tables we can't use and did I mention the chairs?  On top of the big-ticket items, we're overrun with tchotchkes: vases, dishware, glassware, pictures and prints and various other collectibles.  It's just too much, and regardless of
my our best intentions, it's time to get on that editing horse and whip our stuff into shape!

Enter a timely blog posting at
8 foot 6, and I'm off to the races.  I have already plugged a few items up on my beloved Craigslist, and will be sending up even more over the next few weeks.  Having just posted them on the online marketplace isn't enough, however.  I really have to move these items!  So if you (or someone you know) is in the market for a lovely Elizabethan chair (in great condition!) or some funky wall-mounted teak medicine cabinets (discontinued from IKEA) that would also make awesome floating shelves in a hallway, bedroom or mudroom, take a look here and here!

As time passes over the next few weeks, you'll see more and more of our things coming online.  Email me if you're interested!