12 July 2011

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

A while back I threw out a little nugget of information that big changes would soon be afoot for me in a professional sense, when I referred to soon leaving the Toronto downtown core.  And then yesterday, of course, I did the same thing when referring to "big changes on the home-front" this coming August.  So today, being a perfectly random day, seems like a perfectly random time to let the cat out of the bag I think :)

My big announcement? 
As of July 28, I will be embarking on a year-long sabbatical from work!!  Yes, I have a perfectly good gig at one of the Big Five financial institutions in Canada that pays me (more than) a perfectly good paycheck, and I'm throwing caution to the wind and walking away (at least for now) to focus on something more creative and, hopefully, enriching in both a personal and professional sense.

That's right: at thirty-something years old with two kids, a dog and a mortgage, 
I'm heading back to school!  And I couldn't be more excited about it!!

For a while now I've been toying with making a dramatic change in my life/career, but haven't been entirely sure - or entirely confident about - when or where to do it.  Mostly, I've just been terrified: of change in general; of returning to the days of number-crunching and penny-pinching; of leaving something secure and finite and taking a chance on something that is not; and definitely of failure.  I have a lot of imortant factors riding on my shoulders (the well-being of the aforementioned kids, dog and mortgage chief among them) and putting them at any kind of risk is not an option.  It still makes me feel slightly nauseous just thinking about it!

But a series of events at the conclusion of last year have provided us with an unparalleled opportunity, and Daryn in all his awesomeness gave me the green light slash thumbs up to proceed.  I am one helluva
lucky girl, and believe me, I know it.

So, if things work out well, I will be making a formal career change into the world of interiors at the end of these twelve months.  I have already begun classes (which I've mentioned once or twice in the blog) and have a two-course head-start on my educational requirements at
school.  September is when I begin living the life of a student in earnest, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed as hard as I can do that I will be able to take a Continuing Education program that is by design meant to be completed within three years, and successfully condense it into 14 months.  The jury is still out as to whether I have enough magic in my fingertips to make this happen, but I will keep you posted.

I have a lot of dreams I'm chasing right now:

  • dedicating myself full-time to interior decorating as a career, not just as a hobby
  • obtaining my real estate license in the near future so I can bring those hands together to a) develop properties and flip 'em and b) offer end-to-end service to clients, be it remodelling or moving house
          and last but not least
  • continuing to develop the blog into a "thing" and eventually tying it concretely into my soon-to-come practice
That's a lot of balls in the air!  But I am absolutely, 100% up for the challenge ... even if it scares the daylights out of me (and it really does).  I am so excited to share these next steps with you; I will likely end up blogging frequently about my trials and errors, successes and failures, and hopefully will end up writing a good-news end to the this particular story arc.  I'll thank you all in advance for perservering with me, and for being patient with any neuroses I might display in these "pages" over the coming months :)

Whatever or however this adventure turns out, it is first and foremost
an adventure.  So saddle up, everyone: I can't wait to drag y'all along for the ride!!