13 July 2011

World of the Weird

Every now and then when I'm short on time and/or energy and casting about for a little inspiration (like today, when the excitement of yesterday's announcement took a little bit out of me), I like to google random ideas and phrases to see what the internet turns up for me.  The results generally delight and always surprise me, and an internet search of "weird houses" did not disappoint.  Here are a few of my favourites that I like, love or am in just plain awe of.  Tell me, could you live here??

Looks like the 'Scream' mask mated with a Storm Trooper via here
Shack-like weirdness via here
This house brought to you by Jenga via here
Lighthouse slash treehouse-modelesque slash oil rig via here
Why do people do this? via here
Living walls via here