18 July 2011

Would You Live in This Kitchen?

Since the beginning of June until the end of this month, I have been spending every Saturday deeply immersed in my very first drafting class at George Brown.  I was hugely apprehensive before I started on account of its focus on mathematical skill (ah, math ... my old nemesis) but it turns out my fears were mostly unfounded.  While I can still feel my brain doing the old army-crawl when it comes to arriving at and enveloping the concepts we're being taught in class, I think that's more a matter of it being challenged to think in new ways and use parts of itself that it hasn't for a while, rather than any real deficiency on my part.  And in the end, though it may take me a while and my eyes may get really squinty and water a bit while I'm figuring it out (and my face screws up like I've eaten something both sour and slimy, and my professor asks "Are you all right?" while reaching for his cell phone to dial 9-1-1) I finally get there and have, for now at least, a complete understanding of everything I'm learning.  And when you've done battle with math for as long as I have, that's not nothing.

Surprisingly enough (and much to my not-so-secret delight), I'm actually rather in love with my Drafting course.  We'll see if I feel the same by the end of this week, at the completion of the approximately 20 hours of homework I've got to attend to between now and next Saturday, which is when the course wraps up.  One of the assignments is a kitchen plan and elevations, with I thought I'd throw out to the world to:

     a) share what I've been up to this weekend,
     b) see if what is in my head translates on paper to decent design, and
     c) ask whether you'd live here, if it were a real kitchen?

When taking a peek at the elevation (I'm only sharing one because it's the only one that's completed, but there's more to come later), bear in mind the following, please:
  1. The wall-mounted upper and base cabinets are intended as solid American Black Walnut in a medium stain
  2. I've intentionally not put handles on the doors of the upper cabinets.  They will be plain-faced, with grooves on the undersides to act as handles 
  3. The pulls on the lower cabinets/drawers are one-inch stainless steel
  4. The herringbone backsplash (which extends to the ceiling) and the 2-inch countertop are Carrera marble
  5. Ignore the dashed lines on the upper cabinets - these are drafting directions which show the shelves inside and the directionality of the doors opening
  6. This elevation is just one wall of a 10x10 kitchen (in case you're wondering where the stove/fridge/sink is).  The other three walls have yet to be drawn!

So after all that, tell me: would you live here?  Am I on the right track or is it too generic / plain / unattractive / non-functional?  What would you change to make it better and/or more liveable?

PS - apologies for the not-great picture.  It was midnight; I had been staring at my drafting work for approximately nine hours by then.  I was tired.  I'll snaps better photos next time ...