29 September 2011

They're here! They're here!!

(Hey.  So let's just forget for a moment that I've been MIA for nearly two months, for which I apologize profusely and can't quite explain.  After the accident I was coasting along on adrenaline for a couple of weeks, I think, but it all came crashing down on the August long weekend.

Don't get me wrong, the weekend itself was amazing: all cottage and lake and family loveliness for three delightful days.  I ... we ... had a terrific time.  But once we returned home and I was submerged again in the process of dealing with the insurance company and therapy and the search for a(nother) new car and trying to overcome my new fear of driving, I was completely absorbed and very depressed about it.  I couldn't find the energy to make dinner [or, on some days, brush my hair!] let alone drum up the creativity to attend the blog.  I couldn't find anything to say.

Fast forward to today, and I figure there's no better time to start restart than now.  I'm still struggling a wee bit but having started school three weeks ago, I can feel the creative juices beginning to percolate.  And happiest of all, yesterday I received a courier package which was basically happiness in a box, which I couldn't help but share with you.  So if you'll forgive me the lapse, I think we can just pick up where we left off and keep moving forward.  Dealio?)

My curtains have finally arrived!  After a delay of many, many weeks (back-order is an evil thing) the good folks at Tonic Living received my fabric and kindly expedited my order - it was on my doorstep less than a week after the fabric was delivered to them.  Talk about service!  I haven't actually taken them out of the box yet ~ until I pick up the rod and finials this weekend, I don't want to risk any abuse or injury to them at the hands of my lovely, but sometimes slightly grubby, family ~ so here's a snap of them sitting pretty in their box:

So pretty, no?  YES.  Soooo pretty.  I can't wait to get these bad boys up in my dining room window, and you can bet that when I do, I'll be posting a picture of their picture-perfection.

I am also aware that I'm woefully behind in producing such classics as the Inspiration Galleries and Design This Dish: I'll be working on these in the next few days with an eye to getting back on track with this little blog, sooner rather than later.  And since, as the old proverb says, there's no rest for the wicked, I'm also grinding out a boat load of school projects in the coming weeks, which I'll share with you as well.  Like I said ages ago: you're knee-deep in it with me for as long as it takes to get through this program!  Here's my first effort, if you're curious: a poster, for a mythical event.  Totally got my craft on,
and how.

You can't really see it all too well, but there are totally 3D elements to this bad boy.  That laundry line?  Those laundry pegs?  Yeah, all real, baby.  And I personally cut each and every square of that quilt to size and scale on a pattern I drew.  Yeah.  I'm that committed.

Anyhoo, this is as good a restart as any, I think.  Hopefully the word will get out that I'm baa-aaack, and we can all ride off into the blogger sunset together.  It's good to be back.