02 December 2011

December 2011 Top 10 | Bedroom Dressers

Yes, I absolutely could have bowed to tradition and the pressure of the season and featured a TOP 10 list entirely dedicated to Christmas trees or ornaments or wreaths or what-have-you, and I definitely considered it (it's official, after all: the Christmas season is here!!).  The trouble is, I don't put much stock in buying new ornaments each year; I'm more of a traditional gal and most of my ornaments - except for the ones my kids have made over the years - are circa my own childhood.  As a result, I'm woefully out of touch with holiday design trends and couldn't tell you what's hot on the market this season if it was burning a hole in my mittens!

So even though it might have been predictable (if not easy for me) to feature some holiday scratch, I'm bucking the trend and running instead with bedroom dressers.  They're not entirely unrelated - after all, you have to have somewhere to store all those new pairs of socks and underwear that Santa puts in your stocking (or are we the only ones who do that?) - but they're definitely distinct enough not to scream
Christmas!  Also, my master-bedroom-redecoration obsession is still going strong, so really it's just another excuse to indulge in design fantasies that may or may not ever materialize :)

Ready?  Welcome to this December's
TOP 10:

#10 -
Duc Duc "Austin" Series Dresser through Modern Karibou ~ C$1,795 - $1,925 + shipping
(this model: 4-drawer in white/natural walnut)
I know what you're thinking: two thousand dollars for a dresser that is NOT made of gold?  And I agree, it is very pricey, which is why it landed at number 10 on my list and not higher up in the ranks.  What I love about this particular brand/style, however, is its simplicity, value and options.  Each dresser is custom made per order and the color/stain combinations are nearly endless (23 individual options and 529 combinations, to be precise), ensuring that no matter your decor, this piece will always fit perfectly within your color scheme.  The series also offers a range of other pieces, from beds to side tables, cribs to bookshelves ... all offering the same variety of finishes and colors as the dresser.  Best of all, it's also eco-friendly: Duc Duc uses only sustainably harvested hardwoods and HAP free, non-toxic finishes; additionally, they streamline their manufacturing systems to reduce waste and energy and they never use MDF or particle board in their products (no off gasses!).  Their designs are very stylish (I think) but liveable and enduring (I also think) so even though it's a not inconsiderable initial investment, they are pieces you can enjoy for years to come.  My prediction?  It's exactly this kind of furniture that our kids will be fighting over in the will some day ....

#9 -
"Hemnes" at IKEA ~ C$169
(available in black/brown, grey/brown, red and white)
We can all agree that IKEA doesn't produce furniture of the family-heirloom variety, but for the price (which is excellent), the hard-wearing and longevity of their furniture can't be beat.  I personally am a huge fan of the Hemnes collection, which we purchased for A's bedroom.  The finish is a high gloss white that despite her best efforts to date she has not managed to mark or stain (and that includes an incident with red nail polish!) and where IKEA advertises as having smooth-running drawers, I can attest they do not lie.  My son has an antique dresser in his room and getting into his drawers is like wrestling an alligator some mornings.  Not so with our little Hemnes!  Additionally the drawer space is phenominal, and much bigger than it first appears.  With a few little handy-dandy organizers to keep her personals sorted (found here), we need only this dresser and her closet to contain A's entire wardrobe, and let me assure you she is a well-dressed kid!  The knobs that come with are decent enough, but we created a more customized and girly look by switching them out for lilac cut glass knobs, which really pop against the white.  In terms of dollar-to-dollar value, this one can't be beat! 

#8 -
"Hummingbird" by Iannone Designs, through Design Public ~ US$3,995 (!!)
(high gloss white laminate, kirei board)
HA!  Laugh out loud prices, right, and also not made of gold?  Agreed, but I couldn't help but throw it on the list based on the design alone: it's positively drool-worthy.  There are other designs - the dandelion pattern isn't half bad either! - but it's the Hummingbird that gets my pulse racing.  It will never be in my budget to purchase (unless I win the lottery ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!) but I can waste all sorts of time admiring it from very far afar.

#7 -
"Manchu" by Bausman & Company, through Joan Eiley ~ $ pricing available through the trades
(available with a mitred or granite top)
This totally isn't my style and I don't forsee ever having a decorating scheme where it could be successfully incorporated (and not look like a total misfit) but I am IN LOVE with the rich, deep colour and the distinctly Asian feel of this beauty.  Being super practical with nine drawers just makes it that much more appealing.

#6 -
White Star 6 Drawer Chest
"White Star" at Urban Barn ~ C$449
(salvaged mango wood)
I have an obsession with anything relating to the White Star line, regardless of its authenticity, and this dresser didn't escape my notice.  Made of wood salvaged from old mango trees and damaged boats (read: eco-friendly!), this pretty little chest is a little lower on the practically scale but definitely top-notch on style.  Add to that the whimsical travel stickers for a historical note and a great price, and you've got a winner in my book ...

#5 -
Wood Tiled 3-Drawer Dresser
Wood Tiled 3-Drawer Dresser at West Elm ~ C$770.42 (approximate exchange)
Unfortunately this little gem isn't available through the West Elm website for international shipping, so it's catch-as-catch-can through our local retailers, but that doesn't stop me from *hearting* it.  There isn't a detail on this dresser that I don't like: from the X-cross base to the whitewashed brick-pattern wooden fronts to its compact size to the high gloss white laminate shell, every element is beautiful individually and in concert with one another.  And it's true that like IKEA, West Elm is not reknowned for the longevity of its furniture, but the details are worth the price for however long it lasts.  I would actually love this in a front hallway, with a hammered metal bowl on top for keys and a feather headdress hung on the wall above it.  So pretty and perfect.  (hint hint, my loved ones ... Christmas is coming)

#4 -
"Blackhawk Chest" at Restoration Hardware ~ US$2,295
Totally impractical, possibly, but I swear I've never seen anything cooler.  Designed by those mad geniuses at Restoration Hardware to resemble the nose-cones and fuselages of mid-20th-century airplanes, this gleaming little trunk is at the top of its nostalgic game.  Weighing in at measly 287 pounds (!! ~ are all dressers this heavy?!), my feeling is that once this bad boy moved in, he'd never move out.  Is that a bad thing?  Not at all.  The beauty of this design is that it's not just restricted to bedrooms: I can see it working just as well in a library or office, foyer or even in a dining room as a unique bar base (glassware could go in the drawers).  It's no small price tag but you'd definitely get your money's worth: it would last forever.

#3 -
"DRAU001" through Casalife ~ C$1,815
Overlooking the product-number-for-name (which personally drives me crazy; how hard is it to call it "Autumn" or "Metro" or whatever?), this asymmetrical, 6-drawer dresser is both stylish and functional.  The fact that it's streamlined and contemporary but not overly modern means it's hugely flexible and can integrate into a multitude of design schemes and styles.  Plus, it's an added bonus that if your tastes change you needn't necessarily replace it.  Simply redesign around it and let it be a neutral piece grounding your new scheme.  And THAT equals all good.

#2 -
"Buttoned-Up" by Barbara Barry ~ $ pricing available through the trades
I don't even want to know the price of this, because it would burst my beautiful little buttoned-up bubble.  Better to just admire it and love it and fawn over it and maybe drool a little bit.  This is truly a "grown-up" dresser ... all it's missing is the rope of pearls coiled on top and some Chanel No.5 in a antique tray (and me!)

#1 -
Antique Mirrored Dresser at Anthropologie ~ US$1,298
What is there not to love about this pretty, petite dresser?  It's compact yet functional, glamourous yet easy to care for, and such a design winner that it can go anywhere - anywhere at all - in your home.  The feminine lines and distinctively French flair set it apart from other plainer-Jane dressers: I would feel pretty pulling just about anything out of this baby (sweat socks? yup; sports bra? you betcha) but it's not sooo girly that hubby would feel all weird inside retrieving his pajama pants (at least, I don't think he would).  It's a bit challenging to retrieve it from the States; Anthropologie doesn't ship to Canada (booo!) so you'll need to make some friends across the border if you want to get your hands on one of these for yourself.  The time might be just about ripe to relaunch the international pen-pal trend ...
I'm warming up my trusty Bic as I type :)

On another note, I will be spending a fabulous day with my mum tomorrow at the One of a Kind Christmas Craft show.  We have an annual craft show tradition that involves lunch, dinner, shopping-shopping-shopping and a ton of taste testing ... it's going to be great!  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I'll be back on Monday with my craft show update and to share all the fabulousness that came home with me.