05 December 2011

Finny's Finale

Hi folks!  I know I promised a rundown of the Christmas Craft Show today and I promise, it's coming, but we've run into some unfortunate "technical" difficulties which are regrettable but definitely temporary (I used my son's camera for the occassion - it being a much newer model than my own - but he seems to have "misplaced" the network cable I need to download my pics onto the computer somewhere in his room.  The search continues and will ultimately be successful, it's just going to take some time).

In the meantime, however, I thought I might regale you with an update on my lamp.  BIG NEWS:
Finny est finis!!!  I finally glued the last of the beads onto the shade which, by the way, is a finicky, sometimes painful and seemingly never-ending process, and he's ready for his (second) big reveal.


Let's have a moment to admire Finny's adorableness ...
That's right ... take it all in ....
A celebration of jaunty, sweet and cute ....
Those frickin'-frackin' beads ....

So satisfying, and honestly?  The second degree burns on 30 per cent of my fingers were totally worth it :)

I'll be taking the day off tomorrow to focus on my final project for Fundamentals
(and ferret out the camera cable!) but back on Wednesday I swear, with the Craft Show rundown (hint: it was awesome).

I hope everyone's weekend was awsmazing (get that? that's a combo of awesome and amazing: it's like a double-dose of extra strength wicked) and that your week has started just the same.  Ciao 'til Wednesday!