22 December 2011

In Yer Face, Blogger Interface!

Thanks to Kelly over at Jax Does Design for pointing out that my 'Comments' section had inconveniently disappeared! I had noticed I wasn't hearing from anyone (and was starting to take it a little personally, like <tap><tap> Is this thing on??) but my powers of observation being what they are, I didn't notice the option was missing entirely. That's welcoming, isn't it? Hi, welcome to my blog ... but keep your opinions to yourself! Nice.

Anyhoo, nearly an hour later and with some serious assistance from Blogger Help, and the problem is solved!! Feel free to hit me up in the Comments. Not about this post, maybe, but on some others from the past two weeks that may have caught your fancy.  But only if you feel like it (no pressure).  'Cuz you know ... I've missed you ...