12 December 2011

O Tannenbaum

The tree is up!  We spent all of yesterday shifting furniture around and digging out ornaments (during which A. positively vibrated with excitement) and just before dinner my mum and brother joined us to decorate.

Yup, our tree is faker than fake, but we purchased it our first Christmas after we were married and have loved it ever since!  Daryn and A. put it together this year; here's the little one figuring out where all the branches go
Do these lights works?  How about these ones?
Tree is fluffed and lights are on!  I generally make the branches a bit fuller when I do it myself, but Daryn and A. aren't so picky and since they took on the task this year, who am I to complain?
The second decoration is hung
(I missed the first ball - that little, pretty orange one - that she hung while I was getting the camera ready!)
J. hates having his photo taken, so blurry and with his back turned was all I could get!
The height of lazy decorating ... my brother decorates one half of one side (the part he could reach from the couch) and my kids decorated the rest

He's not the most artistic or attractive of trees, but it's never been important to me to have a beautifully curated collection of ornaments or to decorate "just so".  I see many trees that are designed more than decorated and they're gorgeous, but they're not for me.  Our tree is a hodge podge of ornaments: old and new, handmade by my kids and mass produced, multi-colored and mismatched.  It makes me happy to see our whole history as a family on our tree each year and if I have to sacrifice good looks, then so be it :)

So now all that's needed are some wrapped presents underneath!  And how about you?  How did you spend your weekend?  Anyone do anything exciting and/or festive?