18 January 2012

DIY Corkboard

Don't get excited: I haven't actually made it yet.  When I do I'll caption the post title as "DIY Corkboard Reveal," but you know ... I had to get you hooked somehow :)

Truthfully, though, we're having a wee bit of a debate and maybe you want to weigh in?  The latest item up for discussion right now is ~ you guessed it ~ a DIY corkboard for the office.  Specifically, we can't one hundred per cent agree on
  • whether or not we need a corkboard at all, and
  • if we do, whether this fabric is the perfect fabric to cover the cork portion
Chevron Remix, Bermuda through Tonic Living

The space we're aiming to fill is this one:

The plan is to re-purpose a vintage picture frame (I've spent days scouring Craigslist but so far no luck); we're aiming for one that's 16x20 or 20x24, and preferably one that's a little frilly and ornate to create some cool kind of tension with the modern fabric.  I'll paint the frame white (of course), wrap the cork board insert in a little batting and then the fabric and, if I'm feeling adventurous, maybe add a little piping around the edge of the frame/board in probably the red colour, just to make it look a little more "finished".

We're at sixes and sevens with the plan, though.  Daryn likes the fabric quite a lot (he's got a thing for geometric designs and since I insist on populating the entire house in huge, lurid flowers, he takes his favourite patterns whenever he can get them) but worries that once we start tacking paper and whatnot up against it, it'll ruin the overall look and feel, and just look messy.

I, on the other hand, am worried that the chevron pattern will be much too busy, and will compete with the other pieces of artwork on the wall.  The colours are absolutely perfect, and blend beautifully with everything else; we actually couldn't ask for a better fit, colour-wise.  I'm just concerned that if a piece of fabric that's approximately 6x8 looks this strong on the wall already:

will it be way too much on a 20x24 corkboard?  We would almost need some papers tacked up there to break up the pattern, no?  I don't know.  My gut says go for it but it took us eight years to get the office to its current state of nirvana ... we don't want to ruin it now that it's so good!

So what are your thoughts?  Will this look great, or gaudy?  Opinions welcome!

Bloggy post script - Yesterday I ordered me a swatch of that fabulous new fabric I mentioned in Friday's post, which hopefully will be here soon.  Once it arrives, I'll post an update about how beautiful/amazing/perfect it is (because it will be) and then it's a trip to the paint store for me to pick the perfect purple!