26 January 2012

'Mirror, Mirror On The Wall' ... The Little One's Mirror Is Finally Finished!

Well, almost: the spray painting is done.  But since I haven't quite decided exactly how I'm going to embellish it, I thought I'd just go ahead and post the big reveal anyway!  I'm impatient like that.

We started with a $50 mirror that I bought off Craigslist ages ago (more than a year), which was always intended for A's room but that's been collecting dust in the basement since I could never find the time to get painting.  Being cooped up for weeks at a time does wonders for your motivation, though, and since I was pretty sure I would absolutely lose my sh!t if I didn't do something - anything - during my incarceration convalescence, out came the spray cans and (after a day or two) the face mask, and I got down to business!

Here's the pretty sad before:

Ugly, no?  It had some damage to it as well, most notably in the corners where the fluted edges were clearly exposed to a little bit of abuse.

Minimal damage aside, I was really attracted to the wavy shape of the frame and the size was fantastic.  At three feet by three-and-a-half feet, it's a real statement piece.  I was fairly confident that with a couple of coats of paint, it would be perfect in A's room.

I started by taping up the mirror.  I tried a couple of different methods, but the one that worked best was to loop the tape around my right wrist and use the same hand to dole out and steady the tape while using my left to align it to the edge of the mirror and smooth it down.  Like so:

Want to marvel again at how ugly it was in its original incarnation?  Let's take a moment ....

Ugh.  OK, that's enough.  Moving on!

I realize now that the first coat of spray paint was pretty thick, but in fairness my judgement was more than slightly compromised on account of the fumes.  Even with just one coat, though, I knew it was going to be a successful experiment.  Just look at how much better it looks after only the first application!

Fast forward several days, several cans of spray paint, one face mask and many hours of being more than a little bit high as the paint fumes wafted through the house in the air vents (major drawback to spray painting indoors!), and here's the finished product: what an amazing after!

I don't really know what's up with that weird grid pattern showing up in the mirror itself: I'm thinking it's a reflection of the camera flash in the bevel, but maybe it's ghosts?  Really, super-straight-laced and nerdy ghosts?  Ghosts of painter's tape or rulers, maybe ... who knows?  But moving beyond the weird lines, are you CHECKING how beautiful that baby is???  Bee. Yoo. Tee. Full.

There are some areas that could be improved upon, places where I obviously applied the paint a little too thickly and it dried in a sort of crinkly, crackled way.  Like this:

It's not ideal, but I actually don't mind the effect.  At least, not enough to sand it down and spray it again; I have my limits.  And since the mirror had tons of funny little grooves and swirls in the frame that the paint didn't entirely penetrate (you can see one at the top of the photo, just at the edge of the frame and slightly to the right of center), the patchy parts just look like additional texture.  The intent of that texture can totally be overlooked (ie. there wasn't any) ... at least it can in my opinion!

The question still remains around what I'll end up doing around the perimeter of the mirror:

I feel like it needs something glittery or sparkly to take it from "interesting" to "spectacular," but I haven't landed yet on what exactly I'd like to use.  I'm sure I'll stumble on it eventually but until then I'm going to hang it "as is" in her room, so we can get used to the look and feel of it.  Overall, I'm super-pleased with how it's turned out: I will definitely use spray-painting as my method of choice for future quickfire presto-change-o's ... I'll just make sure I set up shop outside next time, versus in.

Want to take one more look?  Oh, OK ... twist my arm:

Awwwwww, yeah baby!!!  Love it, love it, love it.  More pics to come once it's properly installed in her room!

On another, completely unrelated note, I'm so excited to report that I will be attending BlogPodium on Friday!!!!  I am incredibly lucky in that I was on the wait list for several weeks before a spot opened, and you better believe I snapped it up like that.  I feel very privileged to be attending; just being in the same room with other bloggers of the caliber of both the conveners and those attending would be enough for anyone.  To have an opportunity to mingle with them, interact with them and benefit from their wealth of knowledge and experience is really unbelievable.  I promise to write down everything they say, and will of course take a ridiculous number of photos to share with you next week!  Now the only question remains ... what will I wear????