25 January 2012

'May The Best House Win' ... Is It YOUR House??

Today might be your lucky day, peeps!  The good folks over at Proper Television (the masterminds behind such hits as 'Canada's Worst Handyman,' 'Come Dine With Me Canada,' and 'Junk Raiders,' among many others) have opened up a casting call for a new HGTV program/competition called

Earlier this week I was contacted by a PT rep, inquiring as to whether I or any Money Pit Love readers might be interested in such a venture.  So what say you, folks?  Are in interested in being first in line for a new HGTV program?  Does your house have what it takes to be a grand prize winner?  Here are the deets:

May the Best House Win is on the hunt for house-proud home owners in Toronto's various neighbourhoods.  The show is looking for home owners who believe their home is a one-of-a-kind, brag-worthy, downright perfect showpiece.  And a perfect home deserves to be shown off.  May the Best House Win is the ultimate Open House experience - giving participants a chance to brag about their living space and a vie for $1000.

Each home owner will host a home tour for three guests.  The guests will get a chance to tour the home, secretly give their opinions, and rate the home out of 10,  hoping that at the end of the experience, it’s their home that comes out on top -
 May the Best House Win.

May the Best House Win 
consists of 13 episodes; 52 house-proud home owners will be selected to participate in the ultimate open house experience.  
The audition process if well underway. Filming will begin as early as March.

Selected participants will be required to be available for 4 consecutive days to complete the filming of the episode.  
Each participant will receive an honorarium for their time and the ultimate winner will receive the prize of $1000.

All interested home owners should contact
 besthouse@propertelevision.com or 416.598.2500 x297 for details.

Click here for the official website.

So if your home is beautiful, unique and/or special (and I know many of them are!) and you reside within the city of Toronto, why not throw your hat in the ring?  Show off your design and decorating talents, and maybe win a cool grand in the process.  I'd love to hear if you decide to apply so let me know, and good luck!!

PS - I wasn't paid or perked by Proper Television in any way for this promo. I just thought you might be interested, and wanted to pass it along!