05 January 2012

Sometimes The Little Things Make All The Difference

If you're anything like me, you might spend a lot of time being eternally frustrated by little things that are easily rectified but never seem to creep high enough on the to-do list to actually rectify them.  These are the little things around the house (and in life) that take 5 or 10 minutes but because they're so easy and/or quick, I mutter a constant refrain of "It'll just take a second; I'll get to it later ..."  In my case, though, later never seems to arrive, yet those unfinished tasks drive me batty each time I come across them (like every time I search for batteries in the junk drawer, or try to find a phone number pinned to the cork board)

So when I actually buckle down and spend some time completing those insignificant, prickly little jobs that spend so much of
their time making me nuts, I'm amazed at the sense of relief.  They're like little slivers, those jobs, and you don't realize how annoying they really are until you've worked them out.  Do you feel the same?

This week instead of focusing on the big cleaning projects that need to be done (which still need to be done), I spent some time tackling my "itchy" tasks and
man, does it feel good to have done them!!  Yes, the dining room still needs to be dusted and yes, the Christmas tree still needs to come down, but I feel like I can tackle the whole house now that the junk drawer is organized.  I have mastery over my batteries and string, therefore I have mastery over my entire domain ... mwah-ha-ha!!  Sort of crazy, but totally true.

As crazy as it may be, here are the ten things that brought me joy this week:

1. The junk drawer knows who's boss around here.  
(Interesting note: inside the junk drawer was truly junk. Notable among the piles of crap were 114 packets of assorted soy, plum, mild and hot sauces, 6 faux pearls, 4 bread tags and 1 quarter. Weird.)

2. I replaced A's old doorknob (that kept falling off) with a brand spanking new one.

3. A's cork board is hung!

4. My school projects are collected from all over the house and filed away in storage.

5. Some artwork is finally up!! (ignore the clutter on the desk ... it's on its way to being clean!)

6. The kitchen cork- and chalkboard is edited and organized (sexy wallpaper, huh?)

7. The Goodwill pile has actually gone to Goodwill (including the chair).

8. I finally (finally!) got around to connecting my little Nano to iTunes (a gift from Christmas 2009 ... how sad) and have started to create some playlists

9. I organized the bookshelves. Again.

10. I took my girl to the ROM and spent the whole day enjoying her amazement at dinosaurs, gemstones, wild animals and mummies.

And that's what I call a week well spent ....