19 January 2012

Time to VOTE: Which Exterior Pendant Should We Choose?

It was quite some time ago that I blogged about a funny little thing our house did while we were away on vacation in Cuba.  We had barely started burning in the hot Varadero sun when the house registered her feelings on the matter: she up and threw the porch light onto the ground, smashing it into a million pieces.  The in-laws, naturally, were a bit surprised, especially since it dropped like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the night, and made a sound like a gunshot when it hit the concrete porch.  I can just imagine!  It must have scared the pants off them.

Anyhoo, with all the Christmas shopping and holiday planning and whatever, I didn't really give a new light much thought.  I mean, I thought about it, especially every time we've ordered pizza and I would fret and worry they wouldn't be able to find us, and what if they didn't get here within 40 minutes but wouldn't honor the guarantee because our house number wasn't properly lit??  But the pizza made it to us every time without incident so it didn't really feel all that urgent to replace it right away.  Besides which, there wasn't much that jumped out at me when I leisurely passed through the lighting aisles at Home Depot and Rona and Lowe's while shopping for other home- and holiday-related items so I knew it was going to be a more detailed search that would require some actual time and attention, which I didn't have so much of over Christmas.

Third week of January, though, and I'm thinking it's pretty much time to get on this horse.  So today I dragged my "sick" child (remember when you could be suffering from the bubonic plague and still have the energy to run around and make blanket forts and colour and chase the dog around the house and just generally spin in circles and drive your half-dead mother insane?) out into what essentially amounted to a small blizzard and together, with steeped tea in hand, we spread our germs around the local boutique lighting store while narrowing our field of options to four front-runners.

So basically, this is an opinion poll.  Our four finalists (and since I'm going with a bit of a beauty pageant theme, let's call them Britain, Japan, United States and Denmark) are very different and I like them all almost equally for very different reasons between them.  Daryn's not much for the ad nauseum discussion about pendant lights ~ he's more about "Does it hang from the ceiling? Great. Does it light up? Super. Discussion over." ~ so it's up to you.  Which do you like best, and which would you choose for our house?  Here's what you're working with:

Not great, but it will get better, I assure you.  And yes, that's totally a gratuitous shot of my beautiful, gorgeous, magnificent, amazing magnolia tree (just starting its spring bloom last year): drink it in.  But I digress.

A little closer, this is where the light hangs:

So keeping in mind that yes, the mailbox and currently-whited-out house numbers will soon be replaced (with something that looks sort of like this and this)

Which would you say is the best fit for the house?  Which of these four will you vote for?

Again, here's the house and the lighting options together:

So what do you think?  Weigh in with your vote in the 'comments' section below!