03 February 2012

February 2012 Top 10 | Bookends

I considered going in for a big ticket item on this month's TOP 10, but for some reason I just couldn't get into it.  I tried to get inspired by sofas and chaise lounges, coffee tables (ok, that's a smaller ticket item) and desks, and all of them failed to get me excited.  I keep coming back to all the tasks and elements in the house that have made me happy this month and turns out, they're all little things: organizing the junk drawer and nailing up a chalk board. Replacing doorknobs and adopting new plants.  Rearranging the bookshelves.  Oh yessssssss, rearranging those beautiful bookshelves.

Generally being a quitter by nature, I abandoned those lines of research (but only for now: I'll come back to them eventually) and decided to pursue some fun and frivolous items this month, inspired by my recent bookshelf rejuvenation. Buckle up for some bad-ass bookends: welcome to this month's TOP 10:

#10 -
"Batman vs. Superman" through Amazon.com ~ US$495 per pair
Yeah, so this is me totally getting my nerd on.  I'm a chick, true, and I don't know the first thing about Marvel Universe vs. DC, but I dig the Dark Knight just as much as the next girl and seriously, how cool would this be on your desk or bookshelf?  If every element of your home is supposed to speak to who you are, this would say "Yeah. I'm THAT cool."

#9 -
"Cora" at Made Goods ~ $ pricing available upon request
Made of high gloss white ceramic shells paired with metal books, these nautical beauties would be more than at home (if obviously so) in a beach house, but they might be even prettier in a spare, modern space as well as being a simple way to inject an element of nature into a contemporary room.

#8 -
"Retro Modern Owls" through Indigo Books ~ C$39.99 each
Not only do I have a healthy heart-on for white ceramic animals (the owls are just the beginning, peeps, you should know that up front) but there is ALSO a small but significant portion of my heart dedicated to all things owls.  I love them.  I don't even know when it started, but it's there and it's strong and pure, and I don't think it's going away.  So these adorable little guys at Chapters Indigo are not only a) easily accessible to Canadian consumers and b) CHEEP!, they also are available in black or white to add a little light side/dark side whimsy to your decor.  Finally, being sold individually ramps up their flexibility: they look great as a pair flanking a line of books, but they look equally fantastic on their own as part of a tabletop vignette.

#7 -
"Glass Halves" Beta Fish Bowl at Seven Seas Aquariums ~ discontinued :(
It's too bad this version of the Beta fish bowl bookend has been discontinued as, in my humble opinion, it's the most attractive of the lot.  It's one thing to add a natural element in the form of shells and whatnot (see #9) but you can't get more natural than live fish.  My only worry would be that I'd overload the books and knock over a bowl, thus killing my fish and ruining both my books and my bookshelves.  Bottom line, though, is that they're funky and pretty enough to be worth the risk!

#6 -
"FIM" by Rablabs New York ~ US$210 per pair
Granted, rocks and minerals are classic bookend material, but these fabulous FIM bookends take a tired trend to a new, beautiful and elegant level: these aren't your ordinary seventh-grade-science-geek's quartz samples!  Each piece is a natural growth gem with "traces of crystal, agate and amethyst".  Manufactured in the United States, the polished bases are designed to compliment the rock's tones and formation.  Each pair is an unique as the owner who loves them, and they're total winners in my book.

#5 -
"Bull" by Jonathan Adler ~ US$138
My weakness for white ceramic animals continues unabated (I told you it wasn't just the owls) and my love of Jonathan Adler has already been well documented, so the "Bull" is positively the best of both worlds.  It's quirky yet strangely classic, at least by Adler standards, and it would be the perfect gift for the best banker in your life.  At one hundred and thirty eight bones, it's a steal for a designer piece!

#4 -
"Vise" through Restoration Hardware ~ US$69/pair
Those genius captains of the vintage-industrial aesthetic hit another home run with the Vise Bookends.  These iron-bodied beauties are sturdy, heavy and most of all attractive; and can fit in easily to any decor.  Best of all?  The screws are functional!  Just turn the finely crafted wooden handles to move the vise grips towards or away from your books.  Nothing but brilliant.  And handsome.  Nothing but brilliant and handsome.  (And reasonably priced!)

#3 -
"Fu Dog" by CB2 ~ discontinued :(
If you managed to snag a pair of these fabulous Fu Dogs on their original run, you  should consider yourself lucky.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I conducted an exhaustive search for Fu/oo Dog bookends, and these were the most fashionable and the most adorable (if those grimacing lion faces could be considered "adorable") of a very deep pool.  The level of detail is terrific, and that colour!  This fabulous punch of high energy, hot spot colour would compliment any room, in nearly any style.  Colour me jealous if you've got them!  

#2 -
"Bronze Owls" via La Maison Boheme ~ purchased at Lula B's Antiques, Dallas TX
While not available for public consumption, these vintage brass owl bookends bring together some of my favourite things: owls (obviously), warm metals and pre-loved status.  I dig the antique find, particularly when it's this whimsical and attractive.  I can just picture bookends of this caliber beautifully complimenting an antique campaign desk, or a mid-century modern credenza. or a black iron bookshelf.  I'm deeply envious of the blogger/vintage connoisseur who scored these sage and serious pieces ~ they exude such gravitas, it's hard not to appreciate them! ~ and I'll definitely be on the lookout for a pair of my own.

#1 -
Art Deco Wrought Iron by Edgar Brandt, through Bizarre Bazaar via 1stdibs.com ~ $ contact dealer
I don't know how much these cost and I don't want to: being listed on 1stdibs is enough of a clue as to their worth.  All I want to do is sit back and admire them, and dream about what it would be like to have such incredible examples of Art Deco fabulousness live in my house.  Created in the 1930's in France, these ball-and-wing bookends topped my list for all the right reasons: illustrative of their era, with exceptional craftsmanship and a perfect pedigree (Edgar Brandt is considered a master ironsmith in the design universe), they are classic, unique, gorgeous, beautifully vintage, stylish and perfect in every way: definitely a soon-to-be-coveted heirloom for one lucky family (is it yours? visit the website for details)

Happy weekend, everybody!  I will be spending the day (as always, it seems lately) in a gym, screaming myself hoarse for my boy's volleyball team at a 15U tourney: keep your fingers crossed for them!  Ciao 'til next week!!