17 February 2012

Friday Rundown: Week in Review

Good morning, peeps! Anyone else have a bit of a slower start this morning? We've got a big weekend ahead of us: J has a tournament tomorrow in Strathroy (more than two hours away from us ... ugh!) so today is all about tourney preparation and then hopefully, early to bed for a good night's sleep. We have to be out the door at (the ungodly hour of) 5.45am and it'll be a long long day on top of that, so I'm thinking of hitting the hay at 8pm like a third-grader. We'll see how it works out.

So today, because my attention span (if measured on a scale of gnat-to-10) is definitely at gnat level, I thought I'd give you the general rundown on a handful of little things that deserve their own update but aren't exciting enough to warrant an individual post each. Ready? Here we go:

1 - That gold paint is becoming my nemesis. Or at least, definitely not my best friend. I tried it on the hallway ceiling yesterday as promised, but it's not going to work. This is how it looked in flash photography

which gives it the shiny effect, alright, but the application is splotchy and uneven. Even when I tried to smooth it out to create a uniform coat, I can still see the swirl marks from application and some areas are darker than others, despite my best efforts. And without the flash ...

my ceiling looks like it's been peed on. Nice. And while I have every confidence it would look a thousand times better if the walls were white instead of brown, you can see even more clearly how streaky and uneven  it looks, which is definitely not ideal. I'm not ruling out gold metallic paint in general, but this little pot is not the one. I'll have to keep looking.

PS ~ For anyone wondering, yes, Daryn is super-excited at having yet another paint swatch on what previously was a perfectly good (and uniform) painted surface. He luuuuurves it when I get in these moods ...

2 - One of my plants is dying. Already. *SIGH*

Even after I went to all the trouble of re-potting it, feeding it, watering it religiously, talking nicely to it and turning it this way and that in the sunlight to ensure all the leaves get a little sun-love and not just one side, that ungrateful little bastard is being totally unreasonable and has started shedding leaves ~ perfectly good, not-even-a-little-bit-dead leaves!! ~ all over my floor for no good reason! I'm out of ideas: it can go ahead and die if it wants to. It's a good thing it was free.

3 - Ages ago I mentioned (briefly) that I was in the process of selecting and scanning old family photographs for a recipe book project I've been threatening to complete for several years now. No progress on the actual book, but I've got all the photos back! How awesome is it that I now have digital files of some of the best photos of two of the people I love most in the world? Hint: it's awesome.
My grandparents in Lakeview, 1955
Their wedding day ~ February 14, 1958
Good times at the cottage

4 - I've also been pining after a photo of Daryn and I that was taken forever-ago and is my absolute favourite of the two of us. I finally, finally got it scanned, and we. are. adorable. (in my humble opinion)

5 - Our exterior light has arrived! I'm picking it up today and hopefully this weekend (or sometime very soon next week), this bad boy is going to get installed.

It's our first step to beautifying our exterior facade, and soon the pizza guy won't have any trouble finding us!

6 - The delightful Martina over at Adventures in Building Beauty has tagged me in a game of "Get To Know Your Fellow Blogger" ... thanks Martina! I love me some reindeer blogger games :) Be sure to get to know Martina a little better here, and check back on Monday for my answers and to see if you're it!

I hope y'all have a great weekend, and if you're looking for a little light reading, check out some of these terrific blogs I've added to my reading list week: you'll love them! 'Til Monday!

New to the reading list ... enjoy!!: