14 February 2012

Love Is In The Air (and so is a 7x7 Award!)

Happy Valentine's Day, peeps! Since our hectic schedule breaks for no Hallmark holiday, hubby and I have agreed to a no-pressure day: between work and kids at school and kids at volleyball practice (and all the chauffeuring to and from in between), there's really no time to do anything especially romantic today (though I can't say there won't be some extra smooching here and there). So I'm celebrating with some bloggy love instead!

As I mentioned yesterday, Rachel at A Home In College Hill tweeted me this weekend to let me know she had nominated Money Pit Love for a 7x7 blogger award: Thanks, Rachel!! I am super excited not just for being recognized by my peers within the blogosphere but also because, through 7x7 and through last week's Liebster award, I'm being introduced to some fabulous new blogs that are quickly joining my ranks of "must reads".

As Rachel mentioned in her own post, there doesn't seem to be a standard button for the 7x7 award, so like her, I decided to make one up myself! Clearly I'm no graphic artist but hey, it works :) I went with a red and black (and sort of goth~glam) theme as a nod to the holiday.

There are, of course, conditions to acceptance:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Share 7 blog posts that fit into 7 categories
  • Nominate 7 award-worthy blogs/bloggers, and leave them a message letting them know!

So here we go!

A big thanks again to Rachel at A Home in College Hill. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. Go ahead. I'll wait here ....

7 Little~Known Facts About Me:

  • My husband and I were married in our pajamas. When we were planning our wedding, we wanted a friend of ours (who was pursuing her Masters of Divination but was not yet ordained) to perform our ceremony. It needed to be legal, obviously, so we hired an ordained minister on the side, and on the morning of our wedding he and I, with our honor attendants, were married in her living room in our pj's. Afterward we celebrated with a bagel breakfast at the Great Canadian Bagel.
  • Later that evening when we were "married" in front of our guests, our son, who was two-and-a-half at the time, escaped his babysitter and ran down the aisle to my husband and I. We paused the ceremony to pick him up, and my hubby held him while we continued our vows. And when our friend/minister announced the big moment You may kiss the bride!, little J. launched himself out of Daryn's arms and laid one on me! My first "official" kiss as a married woman was from my kid.
  • I am incredibly, stupidly, ridiculously stubborn. In grade ten I broke four bones in my hand playing bloody knuckles because I wouldn't concede defeat. And while you'd think that breaking my hand would teach me not to be such a stupid mule about things, especially things that don't really matter (really? bloody knuckles?), you'd be wrong. It taught me nothing, except that I have an incredibly high pain threshold. And friends who are just as stubborn as I am.
  • I've always dreamed of being on The Price Is Right. Actually, my original dream was to be on Let's Make a Deal but you know ... it's defunct, and I think we can agree that LMAD without Monty Hall is no LMAD at all. Also no one I know likes to dress up in costume except my crazy Hallowe'en friend, but she'd go as Morticia Addams and be all svelte and creepy and gorgeous, and I'd go as a giant chicken and end up feeling badly about myself (which would be a clucking shame, especially since I would supposed to be living the dream). So now my dream is The Price Is Right, but only while Bob Barker is alive. If he dies, my dream dies with him.
  • I have a deeply ingrained, deeply intense and deeply irrational fear of earwigs.
  • I have never read To Kill a Mockingbird ~ not once in all 38 times ~ without crying.
  • Do you remember way-back-when, when McDonald's would give you a free Big Mac if you could sing the McDonald's song in 30 seconds or less? I could sing it in 22 seconds flat and won so many burgers they cut me off. I got downgraded to cookies instead, but even those were pretty satisfying. It was just cool making them give me something for free nearly every day (every day because I could, not because that's all ate. I gave most of it away, not being a Big Mac or cookie fan, myself). {"Big Mac, McDLT, Quarter Pounder with cheese; Filet o'Fish, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, McChicken and McNuggets; tasty golden French Fries, regular and larger size; a salad Chef or Garden, or a Chicken Salad Oriental, ..."} 

7 Blog Posts in 7 Categories (more difficult than you might think to choose!):

7 Awesome Blogs!:

Thanks so much to everyone who pops in to my corner of the world every now and again: whether you've been with me from the beginning or we've just been introduced this week, I appreciate each and every visit!