22 February 2012

Holy Hairdo, Batman, That Hallway Looks Terrific!

So as promised, I took the day off from blogging yesterday to actually get stuff done around the house, and a good thing I did. No sooner had I packed the kids off this morning when I got a phone call from A's elementary school. Turns out the little one wasn't so much kidding when she said at breakfast that her stomach was hurting, and she had already been laying in the nurse's office for 20 minutes before she had a "breakfast revisited" situation all over the floor ... and all before 9.15am!

She was back home by 9.30 and spent the day wilting on the couch, demanding tea and toast and hand-holding and head rubs; time and attention and a bucket and a cold cloth; the TV remote and that I put her hair in a ponytail and then that I take it out; more toast and a blanket, her stuffies but not that one, no the other one ... no, the jaguar, mum; socks please and can I get her her robe? Thanks.

But despite having a disease-ridden mini-Mariah (read: a sick little diva) hanging around all day making demands or the hostages will be shot, I still managed to tick some things of my to-do list, including the first coat of paint in the hallway. And Holy hairdo, Batman!, what a difference a lick of paint makes!

My thoughts on the transformative power of white are well-documented, but once again my socks were knocked clean off by the whole look and feel of the hallway after the base coat was applied. Our ceiling looks ~ no exaggeration ~ ten feet high. The hallway itself, a fairly narrow affair, looks way wider; it's like the walls just disappear. And bright?! It's so ridiculously bright in there, I sort of feel like I need to wear shades (it's all, Calm down, Corey Hart up in here right now)

Here's what it looked like "in process" (with just the cutting in completed)

These shots are taken standing at the entrance looking straight ahead (though slightly skewed to the left) [left] and to the right [right]. You can see how dark and cave-like it looks, even with the cutting in and two walls partially completed

Let's pretend you don't see that sock and that shirt and that fan, just sitting in a sad jumble in front of my hall closet. And let's also pretend that you don't see my closet doors hanging open (because they're old and they don't close properly any more especially when my kid fills them with her laundry, and because I was too lazy to try and force them shut for the photo). And finally let's pretend that you don't see our laundry hanging in the bathroom from the shower rod and over the side of the tub, because we all know we all do this but it's better not to admit it so just politely look away (but not before you check out the paint situation, which really is the point of these pictures anyway).

And here is a glimpse of phase one of the After photos:

Photos taken from just outside the entrance to the hallway and looking straight ahead [left] and from J's room [right].
The yellow chair is my improv version of a step ladder.

Can you even believe the difference a single coat makes??! Now of course I can't just leave well enough alone; that just wouldn't be like me at all and I'd really hate to disappoint the fans* by keeping it simple. I'm going to stick with the white theme for all the door frames, just to keep it consistent with the bathroom, and I'll do it in the same high-gloss colour as well (Ben Moore's Oxford White). Nice and clean, easy wipe-down, kid-friendly and classic. 'Cuz that's just how we roll around here.

The hall closet, though, I think presents an opportunity for something dynamic. I could paint it out in the trim colour and be done with it: it would disappear into nothingness but by extension would make our hallway look ninety feet long** By the nature of its placement at the end of the hallway, however, it's a natural focal point and the more I consider it, the more I think, Why fight it? If it's already a focal point, why go to so much effort to disguise it? Would it be easier to dress it up? That way, when your eye is drawn to it naturally you're not all, like, is that a cupboard way down there, or are those just weirdly placed hooks?*** Makes sense, right?

So here's where we're at: the walls need at least one more coat of both rolling and cutting in, but realistically they probably need two to get full, saturated coverage. I'm still looking for some fab-freebie wallpaper scraps for the bathroom door (so if you've got any that you'd like to donate, let me know!) and once that's nailed down, I'll draw a colour from the paper to paint the hallway ceiling**** (in high gloss, so it's reflective and will bounce light around the space) and the cupboard doors. And THEN I think I'll put up some artwork on the cupboard doors, as well as above them, to make it an end-of-the-hall gallery.

So what say you, peeps? Have I hit the nail on the head, or would you do something completely different? I'm always open to ideas: lay them on me! Otherwise, third-party validation is always nice :)

Don't forget to check in tomorrow for this month's inspiration gallery! Ciao for now!

*By "fans" I am loosely referring to the family, who actually would prefer that I keep it simple, so really what I'm doing here is employing irony for the purpose of humorous entertainment for everyone BUT the "fans," who sometimes don't appreciate my sense of humor at all
**A rough estimate
***Referring to the cupboard door knobs
****Yes, I'm abandoning the gold metallic ceiling paint idea. Good concept, but rather sad in test-execution. High gloss colour is my Plan B, and I'll get my gold on somewhere else in the house (just as soon as I figure out what and where that is). Some way, some how, this gold idea WILL WORK. Please stand by ...