27 February 2012

The House Number/Mailbox War Has Been Waged & Won ... The Light, Not So Much. And A Little Oscars Rehash Thrown In For Good Measure

Good morning, everyone!! Or good afternoon ... or evening ... good WHENEVER you've popped in on my little corner of the world today, really. Did you enjoy the Oscar telecast last night? Did you watch?

I am a rabid Oscars fan and diligently watch every year, so it's with some experience that I say: what the hell? As I tweeted last night during a robust and incredibly funny Oscar-Twitter party (which, I'm not afraid to say, was way more entertaining overall than any of Billy Crystal's work, excluding maybe only the opening montage and his hawt man-on-man action with George Clooney), the whole telecast had the production value deserving of a Razzie award at best: I mean, it's the OSCARS, people. Can we not get a microphone that works? Or place the speakers somewhere that we won't get feedback during the whole thing? Seriously.

The whole reason we tune in, though, is the fashion, and the ladies and gents of the red carpet did not generally disappoint. There were a few misses for me (I'm looking at you, Sandra Bullock) but overall the celebs were at their shiny, happy best. Here are a few of my favourite looks of the evening:

Michelle Williams & Kristen Wiig ~ images via Harper's Bazaar
Gwyneth Paltrow (in a cape: LOVE) & Angelina Jolie ~ images via Harper's Bazaar
Blogger's Note: I know Angelina took a lot of flack last night for the whole leg thing and yes, we can universally agree that she desperately needs to eat a burger or seven, but to all the LegGate haters I say, how can you not throw out a gam at every opportunity with a dress like that? It was MADE for standing just so and telling everybody by the jut of your hip that you're better than them. I'm not going to lie: if I had her looks and her money and her influence and her career and her husband, I'd stand that way too. Just sayin'.
Ellie Kemper via InStyle & Penelope Cruz (who looked like a Spanish Grace Kelly) via NowPublic 

And of the gents? They all looked handsome (everybody looks good in a penguin suit, no?) but the most dashing man on the red carpet (I thought) was Jonah Hill in a tone-on-tone tux, and who was made even more awesome by the fact that he brought his mom as his Oscars date (which is both classy AND adorable). Nipping closely at Jonah's fashion heels was the always dashing (even at 82!) Christopher Plummer, who totally nailed it in a navy velvet jacket and accessorized later in the evening with a Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Nice.

Jonah and Mrs. Hill via TresSugar & Christopher and Elaine Plummer via International Best Times

But since I was neither on the red carpet air-kissing the other beautiful people, nor tag-teaming with Carl the Seat Filler inside the "Chapter 11" Theatre (apparently my invitation was lost in the mail), let's get down to the really important events that happened this weekend:


That's right! We waited until we-couldn't-possibly-find-a-colder-day (Saturday) and then set about trying to make our numbed hands do actual work in what turned out to be some substantial winds, but we won! They did our bidding, and now our house that used to look like this

now looks like THIS

We will have a little work to do in cleaning the brick (the white marks you see there are paint marks, where the original board has rubbed against the brick for 35 years. It'll take some scrubbing and some weather to work it off, but we're patient people and we'll just keep at it 'til it knuckles under). The mailbox, which used to be silver and looked like this

was a great find at Rona and, after a couple of coats of black spray paint (Tremclad, also from Rona) was perfect for our new look! The numbers were a stylish steal from Lowe's, which we opted to floating-mount (rather than flush) to keep consistent with the mid-century look and feel we're aiming for. Here's a shot of the numbers from the side, to give you an idea of the "float":


The install went fairly smoothly, if you don't consider the weather (freezing) and the fact that our exterior light was missing a critical piece and couldn't be mounted after all (grrrrrr...). We solved the temperature problem by tucking all Daryn's shirts into his pants (to prevent the up-draft) and to wear gloves, which seemed to make him happier. We don't have a small ladder so we used this instead:

Yes, safety first, people (pffft!) That is our daughter's toddler chair that hangs around our house for occasions just like this. And kudos to my husband who, throughout the entire process that included me hovering in the doorway (because I DIDN'T have gloves) and taking incessant photographs instead of actually helping, patiently stripped the entrance down to a clean slate and built it back up again. Here's a couple of "action" shots that he was so excited for me to take:

"How is this thing even ON here?"  Nailed in, that's how. And not so easy to pull out of
brick, as it turns out.
"So this is basically just a piece of 2x4 laid crossways across the siding. I've got to cut it open. *sigh* I LOVE THIS HOUSE." Ilovethishouse, Ilovethishouse, Ilovethishouse is a constant refrain muttered by both hubby and I as we constantly discover new and fun things that are broken/falling apart/weird/jerry-rigged/dangerously-close-to-self-combustion around here
"None of these fracking drill bits are labelled! This better be big enough, 'cuz I am NOT
 this again!"

Yeah, good times. But what matters is that at the end of the day, our entrance went from looking like this to looking like this:

And when the light goes up, it's going to be spectacular. Just wait for it! (and wait, and wait, and then wait some more ....) Check back in tomorrow when I'll have an update for you on the hallway beautification project, and I'll let you in on my newest project around the house.

I hope everyone had a great weekend? What did you folks do that was productive, useful, satisfying and/or just plain awesome?