24 February 2012

My Weekend Plans: A {Brief} Photo Diary

It's a weekend respite between volleyball tournaments and I suspect the weather will keep us mostly indoors, which means we'll be tackling some of those project that I keep threatening to finish and share with you. You can count on some updates next week!

To make it interesting (for you, I mean, not me. Its my stuff so I'm already interested :) and to play around slash exercise my mad shutterbug skillz, here's my two-day to-do list in photo format:

This is ~ no joke ~ ALL I plan to do this weekend (outside of the usual cooking and grocery shopping and maybe, if the kids talk sweet to me, some laundry). But I think that's enough.

What about you folks? Any big plans for the weekend? Or are you, like me, planning to hibernate until this full-on winter weather passes us over?