16 March 2012

Friday Rundown: Week in Review

Today I'm sort of rocking a Short-Attention-Span-Theatre vibe (which also worked really well here, and which I may adapt as a regular "thing" going forward), so here's a rundown of everything that happened this week that deserve an update but aren't interesting enough to warrant their own posts:

1 - Thank you to everyone for your condolences about my dining room chairs, and for your many (and varied!) suggestions to fix them.


Rewashing them in warm water to relax the fabric and then stretching the bejesus out of them while they're still wet sounds like the likeliest solution, so we'll have a go this weekend. Someone else suggested that we pick the seams apart and add some extra fabric to make up for the shortfall, which we'll definitely consider if the stretching doesn't work. I'm no seamstress, but isn't that why we have mother-in-laws? And it might also present an opportunity to do something really creative with the chairs rather than plain white covers. I also had a friend suggest I soak them in vodka? But I think she was just yanking my chain. At any rate, we'll find out this weekend whether they can be revived at all. I'll report our findings on Monday.

2 - This is what my children do when they're unattended for more than five minutes. They build "dog palaces" with pillows and blankets (from our beds!) and dress her in sweaters stripped from toys.

And when I say "children" you can probably guess that I mean the little one, whose excellent reasoning skills have also led us to these sorts of decisions in the past:

Note the sweater OVER the winter jacket? Truly inspired decision-making.

3 - Remember when the hall plant started doing this?

So now it looks like this:

Stupid suicidal plant. I can't force it to live but I don't have to live with it either, so I'm throwing it out this weekend. I know when I'm beaten. This other plant is thriving, though, so it's now my new favourite.

See the light green leaves? That's NEW GROWTH, people.

4 - You may also recall that way back in mid-January I was debating the merits of using this fabric to make a DIY corkboard for the office area. After much discussion with hubs (during which he did much nodding of his head and made a lot of umhmmm noises and generally agreed with whatever angle I happened to be pursuing in the Do It-Don't Do It debate, which was generally UNhelpful) I finally decided that much as I loved the fabric, having it front-and-centre on the wall as a corkboard would have been too much. So instead, I ordered a fabulous little lumbar pillow for the office chair that arrived yesterday!! Woot woot!!!


I couldn't be more in love with it and once I get the whole slipcover issue figured out, I'll definitely post a pic of the pillow on our properly dressed office chair, in situ. In case that takes a while, though, a huge SHOUT OUT to Janine at Tonic Living for her amazing work and general fabulousness. Thanks once again!

5 - Me + good-sport-Hubby + Home Show + Canada Blooms = Sooooo looking forward to this weekend.

6 - I've added some terrific new blogs to my reading list so if you're looking for some great reads, I definitely recommend you check them out if you don't know them already:

Happy weekend, peeps! See you on Monday!