13 March 2012

Nice Rack ...

... said my husband last week when we laid eyes on a set of antiqued faux iron antlers at a local housewares and gift shop (bet you thought I was going somewhere else entirely with that opener, didn't you? Dirty birds ...) Daryn, of course, was all mocking and sarcastic, but standing there in the store and staring at those antlers, I was struck by a huge idea that not only satisfied my lifelong goal of decorating with antlers but also solved a major kitchen annoyance that's been plaguing me for eight years. But let me rewind and start at the beginning.

In our house, tea towels have historically lived here:

hanging off the stove handle. The trouble with this arrangement (as I'm sure you can already imagine) is that every time someone (mostly me) leans over or brushes against the stove in the process of cooking or cleaning or what-have-you, inevitably this happens:

Every day, a hundred times a day*, we're picking up towels off the floor and either rehanging them or tossing them yet again in the wash. Our kitchen laundry is ridiculous; once those towels hit the floor, the dog feels like they're fair game and appropriates them to drag around the house, play chase with and nest in. They're not in any way salvageable once Chloe's got her paws on them.

Furthermore, the stove is a small but significant distance from the sink, significant especially when you've got wet hands or dishes that drip all over the floor and counter as you sprint from one area to the other. I've been saying for years that what we really need is a towel rack affixed to the wall to the left of the sink: it would be the perfect solution to all our towel-related problems. And when we spotted that faux antler rack, well ... it all fell into place, didn't it?**

But our tea towel issues are no longer issues at all! Let me introduce you to our brand-spanking-new towel rack:

Now I know what you're thinking (it's something along the lines of, Wow, man ... that's weird.) and to that I say, Yes, it is weird. It's FABULOUSLY weird, and also quirky, functional, useful and awesome. But let me draw you a picture of this is all going to roll out, because it doesn't just stop at a faux antler towel rack.

While we'll be enjoying all the fantastic "function"of the new rack from now on, the real "form" will happen when the kitchen eventually gets overhauled. As I ruminated about here, the upper cabinets will eventually be white while the lowers will be a fun and funky (as-yet-to-be-determined) colour. The walls will be painted out white to match the uppers, so that they eventually disappear make the room a bit more light and airy and to create a bit of visual space.

When we paint the walls, the Towel Rack (or Track, as I've taken to calling it) will also get his own lipstick-and-rouge makeover: I plan to paint him out white to match the walls. Say whaaaat? Yup, that's right: I plan to paint him right out. The end result as I see it will be a sculptural piece of almost-artwork that is visually interesting but not in-your-face, and that's totally functional and satisfies my burning desire for antlers of any kind.

And it will be AWS-MAZING.

So what do you think? Would you ever install a faux antler towel rack in your kitchen/home? Is there a Track in your future, or am I just nuts? (PS ~ I'm totally OK with "nuts" :)

*A conservative estimate
**Fell into place for me. Daryn took slightly*** more convincing
***Like about a week's worth, and there may or may not have been some crying involved