03 April 2012

One of a Kind Spring Craft Show Redux

The spring One of a Kind show has come and gone, but it's never too late to share my favourites (so you can be prepared to dive right in at the Christmas show and snap up some amazing gifts!) I should warn you right now that I didn't take a screaming ton of photos like I usually do and few of them featured in today's post are actually mine. There are two very good reasons for this:
Number one, I can never get the lighting quite right in the Direct Energy center, as you know (that great cavernous space and glaring overhead lighting does a shutterbug no favours), and nothing ever looks as good in my pictures as they do/did in real life.
And number two, we have been having some computer issues here at the Money Pit and the laptop onto which I downloaded all my photos has decided that No, thank you, it would rather not open Google Chrome and really doesn't feel so much like cooperating with Blogger, but thanks for asking. Sorry that you're sh!t out of luck.
I'm starting to take it a little personally: if you recall, something similar happened during my Christmas Show rundown, but to get the show on the road I opted instead to poach some photos from the websites of my fave vendors, which will probably suit them just as well given reason #1 listed above!

Now without further ado, here are my OOAK'12 must-have faves:


Nicole Tarasick Screen Printed Goods
Nicole's little plywood booth strung with globe-shaped fairy lights was incredibly charming and perfectly complimented her quintessentially Canadian screen printed goods; it was all I could not to run home with a pillow (or six) and her framed maps are terrific too.

the one decent shot I took

Heyday Design
I am a sucker both for porcelain art and vintage designs so Claire Madill's booth drew me in like a bee to honey. While all of her work was beautiful, it was her porcelain casts of vintage jars that had me at hello and with my birthday coming up, I'm hoping the family will take this hint! {hint, hint}

Honourable mentions go to:

Tommy Cudmore Glassware

Eikcam Handmade Ceramics

Art by Daina


Orange Octopus
The sweet knitted creations at Orange Octopus are the perfect little companions for that special little one in your life (to say I wasn't tempted to pick one up for my wee nieces is an understatement). Each critter is entirely unique and 100% adorable.

photos are mine ... like you couldn't tell

Wee Urban Ltd.
Cute items for babies abounded at the show ranging from stroller covers to onesies and rain gear to fairy wings. If you could imagine or wanted it, it was there. Notable for me (even though I do NOT have a baby on the way) was the fantastic booth by Wee Urban, whose designs were super-simple and super-cute. Moreover, they carried a line of sleep bags for babies which I've heard all sorts of good things about, and would definitely get for my own if I was in the market. I suppose now I'll just have to wait for some of the younger cousins to get on that baby-making bandwagon (you know who you are, cousins!) before I can pull out the old charge card and buy one of my very own!

Honourable mention goes to:

La Vie Orange


Whiteout Workshop
What can be said about this shop but awesome, Awesome, AWESOME. Ranging from framed prints to t-shirts, there isn't one item in the booth or from their online store that I wouldn't take home. If you aren't familiar with Whiteout, I suggest you roam around their website for a while, or visit them at the next trade show. You'll be so glad you did!

My very favourite print. I've called it "The Aliens That Ate New York" but I think it's just called "Aliens" in reality

Beebop & Wally
(website coming soon: beebopandwally.com)
Retro was the name of the game in OOAK fashions, and Beebop & Wally had some of the best ~ and cutest ~ designs on the floor. I was especially smitten with their capelet coats but the '60's dresses were totally to die for. Chic fashionistas were lined up at the booth when I first went by and again when I went to take photos, so clearly I wasn't the only one who appreciated their wares; I'm sure you will too.

Guess who's the shutterbug again! Yeah, it's me ...

Matteo Mio
I love a fashionable purse just as much as the next gal, but it was my mum who really went wild for the amazing selection at Matteo Mio. There were several that we almost walked away with, and only by the grace of ironclad willpower and the fact that we still had half the show to navigate did we not spend ourselves into the poorhouse buying one of each design. Even though I didn't come home with anything, my heart will belong to a little orange alligator handbag, always and forever.

Honourable mentions go to:

Crywolf Clothing

Coats by Mary Ellen

Nature vs. Future


It seems ridiculous, I know, but I absolutely fell IN LOVE with the adorable creations by Annemarie at Rover. My pup is the perfect candidate for the sweet little peacoats and hats (if only she'd hold her head up high and not die of humiliation every time I strap her into a coat). Rover's models know how to work it in their outfits and if your pup walks with pride in clothing specially made for him or her, Rover is the place to shop.

And thus ends another fantastic OOAK show. Can't wait until the Christmas sale, when I can actually do some damage with my credit card!

Ciao, peeps!