14 May 2012


I don't know if you heard it, but it totally happened.

On Sunday, after my teenager slept in until noon (longer than I did!) and the little one took a brief break from her video games, we all sat around the dining room table in our pajamas and I was presented with this:

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It was, of course, exactly what I wanted, so kudos to the family for a) remembering and b) taking a mo' out of their day to pick it up for me. They don't read the blog, you see (one's too young, one doesn't care and one "forgets" pretty regularly), so getting them to pick up on hints (even ones as direct as, Please give me THIS book. THIS ONE. The author is Jenny Lawson ... L-A-W-S-O-N ... The Bloggess. You can get it at Indigo, I'm sure they have lots. Here's some money.) are sometimes hit-and-miss.

This time, though, was a BIG HIT! Out of the park!! Because I was given this book, I now own this book, and I love this book. And I've been doing the ugly cry-laugh since yesterday at dinner.

But my Mother's Day wasn't all about the freakish adventures of The Bloggess (regardless of how many times I came across an anecdote that made me say to myself, Oh my god, that totally happened to me. Which explains so much about me, actually.). It was also, most importantly, about this:

Rest stop at Mount Nemo

Looking over the edge of the world cliff
My boys

I am blessed, on Mother's Day and every day. Hope your weekend ~ be you a mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle or anyone who loves someone else and is loved in return ~ was equally as special.

xo April