30 May 2012

BlogPodium Made A Liar Of Me

I could totally dine out on the fabulosity (is that even a word?? It is now) of BlogPodium for the next two weeks, to be honest. The people, the information, the networking, the vendors, the venue, the food, the decor .... I could easily dedicate a post or two to every detail. But my goal is not to deter you from coming with my overly obsessive post-event analysis; rather the opposite, in fact. I'm aiming to make you just curious enough and just envious enough that, if you haven't attended in the past, you'll be first in line to buy your ticket for the autumn seminar (but not in line before me; I'm totally first. Is that a deal?)

So the 'curious' bit I think I've got covered through my BlogPodium recap (want to make your blog a bigger blog? a better blog? or maybe you just want to hang out with some smart, funny and generally super-cool bloggers? then BlogPodium is for you!) but 'envious'? Are mushroom tartlets that taste like little bites of angels enough to make you envious?? No??? Well how about this...

Way before any of the 150+ bloggers set foot in the incredible Arcadian Loft; well before Nicole's plane touched down at Pearson and a little bit before the swag bags were locked and loaded, Delta Faucets, one of BP's fabulous vendors and a major supporter, stepped up to the plate with an amazing giveaway. Yeah, let's go ahead and give their logo a little love for a minute, shall we?

That's nice ...

So as I was saying, beyond just sponsoring the event so it could actually happen, Delta also jumped into the pre-event excitement with a little swag of their own, namely two faucets - one kitchen, one bathroom - for two lucky winners. Contest participants needed to have a ticket to the event, of course, and it was as simple as submitting your name to the draw, along with which faucet you'd choose for your home.

Now, I've been very honest with you about how often I win things. Specifically, I NEVER WIN ANYTHING. I won't go so far as to say "I'm a big fat loser" in print, but I'm sort of thinking it. So when I filled out my little email ballot and typed in the words "I'd like the kitchen faucet, please!" I expected, as always happens, that I'd be congratulating someone else in the very near future for winning a pretty swank little faucet. I was so prepared to lose, actually, that I didn't even bother checking the BlogPodium blog for the winner's announcement, and it wasn't until nearly a week later than Jennifer finally tipped me off via Twitter that "Hey, maybe you should check it out?!"

And here's how BlogPodium made a liar of me: I WON. I WON! I WON!!

WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!! That's right! This little beauty is mine ... ALL MINE!!

Awwwww, yeah baby!

A little bit about the faucet? Don't mind if I do: This little gem is from Delta's Pilar Collection. It is equipped with a hugely convenient pull-down faucet (very restaurant-y ... very professional) AND the new and innovative Touch 2O technology that will allow me to turn it on by touching anywhere on the faucet. You've seen the commercial about what hands can do, when they're covered in egg and paint and batter and plasticine and all manner of gross and disgusting things? It's true that sometimes you wish you could turn your faucet on to wash up with you wrist or elbow or nose or whatever, and NOW I CAN. By touching the faucet anywhere at all, with any part of me. Just another example of technology using it's power for good. And for clean.

My faucet is in the Arctic Stainless finish, but the collection is also available in Venetian bronze and chrome (which I'm actually secretly hoping I can exchange for, even though I've already opened the box, because I'm a total chrome junkie. I'll have to tweet them today and start my campaign of begging). Better yet, all the Pilar products feature Delta's Diamond Seal technology for "worry-free, leak-free, lasting durability." Which is awesome, because once my kids get their hands on it there's no telling what will happen: leaks with our existing faucet are frequent and prolific, so hopefully the Diamond Seal is tough enough to stand up to them!

So what is the universe trying to tell me, besides the fact that I was clearly meant to attend BlogPodium and that Delta is an awesome (and very generous) company? Clearly, that a kitchen renovation is in order! My husband swears I'm misinterpreting the universal feed but I swear it's true. How else can you explain winning a beautiful new faucet within the same 48 hours as the fridge breaks and has to be replaced? AND that I met a woman at BlogPodium who sprays kitchen cabinetry who is local to me? Obviously the powers-that-be feel the same way that I do and are proving it in spades: the kitchen needs an update ASAP. Now if they'd just float us a chunk of cash we could really kick this thing into high gear ....

PS - I wasn't paid or perked by Delta in any way to promote their product(s). I'm just super-excited to have won a fabulous faucet and wanted to give Delta some love! So a big, huge THANK YOU, Delta, for sponsoring the BlogPodium event and for supplying such a great contest prize!!