26 June 2012


I don't know if you could hear me screaming with joy from where you are, but trust me: it totally happened. It was loud enough to scare the pants off of Littlest, who had just gone to bed when I sat down at my computer to Google my suspicions, and my suspicions were confirmed.


{I think}

After just two days, when I was out moving the sprinkler around the yard this afternoon I spotted these little green beauties:

New growth! How lovely! But the question was: What was it? The wild strawberry has been quite virulent - it proved nearly impossible to kill and even after being treated with the vinegar/soap solution, managed to remain green in the shadiest spots - so my first thought was that it had taken advantage of the turned soil and all the watering to spread some more. Alternatively it could be that bane of my existence: dandelions. We raised quite a crop of them this spring, and just maybe they were coming back for a second turn at bat. Naturally I snapped a few photos for posterity, and once the kids were fed, watered, bathed and at least one of them was settled into bed, I Googled this phrase: white clover seedlings. And you know what came up?



And this.


Which looks remarkably like this, don't you think?

My only concern is that my little leaves are a bit pointy, and the leaves in the other photos are more rounded, but I'm choosing to think positively and believe that maybe it's just the particular brand we've purchased, rather than it's a completely different (and therefore unwanted) plant. Whatever. Time will tell, but the fact is that we have growth! And it's beautiful.

And if you know in your heart of hearts that these are not, in fact, clover seedlings, please don't feel obligated to share it with me. Let me live the dream just a little while longer. Thanks :)

So that's that. We've toiled, we've tilled, we've seeded, we've watered and now, possibly, we rejoice. I'll update you guys in a few days but for now, let's break out the bubbly and start celebrating!! Or at least, let's raise a glass of iced tea and give a little woot-woot :)

What about you guys? Anything exciting in the offing for your gardens or lawns? Or have you all already done your major gardening for the season? What exciting things are you and your green thumbs up to?