05 July 2012

What I Did This Weekend, Part II: Let There Be {Hardly Any} Light

The to-do list is coming along nicely; still slowly, but still surely. We've managed to scratch off a few more bullet points and best of all, the clover lawn has taken root and is sprouting all over the place. It's actually starting to read as 'green' when viewed from afar, rather than 'brown', so that's super exciting. I'll snap a photo later this week to share with you on Monday so you, too, can be very excited that it's growing (it's really, seriously growing!)

  • Front yard
    • Collect the wooden ties (currently creating a loose "border") from around the lawn and store in rock garden
    • "Round Up" (read: kill off) the entire front lawn
    • Rake up dead lawn
    • Till
    • Dig out border trenches and lay wooden ties
    • Create patio-stone pad at street level for garbage cans (so we don't kill the new clover on garbage days by piling our bins on top) [we've opted against this idea, but will revisit in future if it turns out the clover is indeed being killed off by our cans]
    • Seed with clover seed
    • Water 'til the cows come home ... or the family does
    • Plant some new plants in the planters (you know, curb appeal at what not)
  • Backyard
    • Clear out any garbage and debris
    • Power wash the patio
    • Tarp the pool
    • Remount shed door (it fell off. I don't know why)
    • Mow the weeds back to an acceptable level; clear out the debris
  • Transition
    • Replace the screens in both front and back screen doors
    • Tidy up the upper driveway/transition to the backyard, just to make it a little more presentable and a little less trailer park-y

  • Paint the outstanding window and door trim in kitchen and living room
  • Apply final coat of paint to the hallway ceiling
  • Paint hallway ceiling trim and install
  • Touch-ups as required
  • Install hallway lights
  • Hang artwork
  • Paint master bedroom
  • Install master bedroom chandelier
  • Cleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleancleanclean

On the holiday Monday, instead of tending to the screen doors (which still desperately need doing; we'll get to those this weekend) or installing the trim in the hallway, we yielded to the little one's begging and finally got around to putting up her new window shade and curtains. They've been sitting around in closets for a while, and with the summer here and the sun making it's showy appearance earlier and earlier every morning, A. was getting mighty sick and tired of waking up at the cracking. Her room faces east and with only some very sheer linen curtains ~ which were next to useless ~ the minute the sun poked it's head over the horizon she was awake. She's been asking for months to have her new window treatments installed, and Monday turned out to be her lucky day! What started like this:

s'cuse the mess ...

now looks like this:

The rolling blind is just barely noticeable at the very top of the window, and the wall brackets are hidden by the curtains themselves. Ages ago I saw a genius blog posting about the best way to mount curtains (I wish I could remember who wrote it! If it was you, let me know), and how to hide the rod bracket by looping a curtain tab over the bracket between it and the finial. We tried it out, and it worked perfectly: there's a smooth finish to the curtain panel at the end of the rod, and the bracket itself is hidden. Like so:

Even though the brackets themselves are pretty, we didn't want anything interfering with the good looks of the finials ~ aren't those butterflies gorgeous?!

So pretty. The curtain panels themselves are pretty plain so when A. grows out of her butterfly phase we can update the rod with new finials more suited to a teenage girl.

The shade and curtains combined have succeeded in making A's room darker than darker. In fact, the first night after installation she wound up pulling up the shade and turning on a nightlight in the middle of the night; it made her nervous to wake up in the absolute dark. Having slept with them for a few nights now, however, she's grown accustomed to the difference and this morning, slept until nearly 9am! SUCCESS! Definitely time and money well spent.

Tomorrow? A glimpse at the hallway. Until then, what have y'all been up to? Has anyone else made any small changes ~ that maybe you've been waiting forever and a day to do ~ that dramatically changed the way you live in your home?

PS - apologies for the crappy photos. I really do need a new camera (first thing on my list when I go back to work!)