25 September 2012

Breaking My Blogging Fast. Finally.

Forgive me, Internet Friends, for I have sinned. It's been 63 days since my last blog post....

Soooo much stuff has been going on, I can't even tell you (except that I'm totally going to tell you everything, obviously.)

Is anybody still out there? <<out there>> <<out there>> <<out there>> (yeah, that's an echo joke. You're welcome).

So, by now you're all probably aware that I'm no longer living a life of leisure: I am once again gainfully employed and a contributing member of society. Woot woot! Throughout the month of July I pursued (and in mid-August was privileged enough to win) a role with Kimberley Seldon's Business of Design, where I've spent every weekday since August 16 horse-whipping the hamster in my brain to run faster (Faster! FASTER!!) Because when you lay around your house for year, yapping at your kids and cooking fattening pasta- and rice-based meals for your family, and when the most difficult question you face in a day is, "Can I have a freezie?" your brain hamster gets FAT, people.

Cherubic. Chubby. Rotund.

And not only fat, but lazy too. Lazy and stupid, is my hamster, so these past weeks have had it running 'til it puked on the treadmill of information. My brain is the Biggest Loser; Business of Design is Jillian Michaels. You do the math on how I'm faring right now.

All kidding aside, the job is wonderful: I couldn't have asked for a better role, or a better team. I'm feeling so blessed right now; my life is so plentiful. I'm filled to the brim.

But it's not just the new job I've got going on: that wouldn't be like me to change my life one element at a time! We're also ... wait for it ... selling our house. And selling it in a hurry, if we can because we also ... wait for it again ... BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!

We totally did, because it's totally perfect, even though to be honest it's more than a little bit hideously ugly both inside and out. But it's a four bedroom, four bathroom 2-story with an unfinished walkout basement that we can finish - and customize - for my mum, so it's flat-out perfection in our eyes. I won't give away all the details (I'll save that for another post because YES, I'm back for good), but here's a sneak peek...

And if you're asking yourself: Did they really just purchase a house that's been entirely painted the colour of urine? The answer is yes. Yes we did.

So it obviously needs a LOT of work, which will be the subject of numerous posts to come, but for now it's enough for us to revel in the potential. And oh, but I've been planning! I can't wait to show you...

But enough about me... how are you? What's been going on in your worlds? What have I missed? (because I've missed you guys a ton.)

Give me the 4-1-1 and whassup!!