26 September 2012

FOR SALE: An Amazing Bungalow


I haven't any idea whether this is really "done" in the blogosphere so forgive me if I'm crossing some invisible line of decorum, but here's the deal:

Remember way back to yesterday when I announced that I bought a house? Well what I didn't mention is that with the recent (and unconditional) purchase of the new digs, we're now the proud owners of not one, not two, but THREE houses altogether. It's ... exciting. Yes, being financially liable for three properties is very exciting.

But I'm a pretty boring chicken, to be honest, and I'd like to cut down a little on the excitement in my life. Like, maybe by two-thirds? I'd even be happy with one, but two would ideal.

Which is why I'm embarking on my own personal marketing campaign to SELL. THIS. HOUSE.

So if you live in the Halton Region and are interested in moving to the lovely town of Milton (or know someone who is), I've got a fantastic bungalow property on the market with lots of great updates and a very motivated (and super nice :) seller. Great price = $454,900 (basically, a steal)

Also? Posting the sale here is a great opportunity for you guys to see the house clean, in neat-and-tidy order and nicely arranged, so enjoy! (except for the couches, which A. apparently rolled around on about a nano-second before the photos were snapped. Kids. What can you do?)

And keep in mind that these photos are just a teaser... click over our agent Bill Currie's webpage to watch the multimedia tour or check out the full gallery of images. You can find the listing on MLS too.

Thanks so much to everyone who spreads the word!