02 January 2013

Money Pit Love Quickfire Q&A

First, let me get a little housekeeping out of the way:


Next, I thought since I basically announced my imminent demise to the bloggerverse and then checked out for months and months, you probably have some burning Q's (or at least some mild interest) in what's been going on around the Pit since I nearly died of real estate-related stress.

I won't drag it out very much -- I'm assuming you've already assumed I'm alive, given that I've posted a few times and even turned up on Twitter, which probably sucks all the suspense out of the mystery of whether or not I'm dead. Still, I expect there are some things you're curious about, and since I'm all "turning over a new leaf" up in here (a new, Money Pit Love-coloured leaf, to be specific) I thought I'd get you up to speed before we launch into all the new happenings around these parts.

Ready for the Money Pit Love Quickfire Q&A? Here we go!

Did you sell the house??!
YES!!! We took less (much less) than it was worth, but in the end we avoided bankruptcy and debtor's prison (both good things).

What did you learn from the experience of buying a house before selling your existing property?
To be fair, if the mortgage rules hadn't changed when they did (the week before we listed) and the market not flattened so quickly in response -- specifically, had we sold in the neighborhood of our original asking price, within a reasonable few weeks of listing -- we would have said it was the best risk we ever took and probably wouldn't have hesitated to take a similar risk in future. After all, why not? High risk with high return, right? As it turns out, our experience was completely the opposite of that. We rolled the dice, and we lost. Are we bitter? Not especially (more accurately: not anymore). But we'll definitely be more conservative if we ever decide to move again, and we certainly won't put in an unconditional offer on a new place until the old house is sold.

Is your blood pressure back in the normal range?
Yes. Just.

When did you move into the new house?
We took possession on November 16 and spent the week cleaning and painting. The big moving day -- when we officially changed addresses -- was November 25.

[Editor's Note: When this author says "we" and "spent the week painting" in the same sentence, it's easy to correlate the pronoun and the verb. Do not be fooled. "We" certainly did take possession of the new house on the 16th, but it was the "Daryn" half of the "we" (along with his dad) who painted. The "April" half of that "we" packed some things and generally mooned about, and then drove around town with a dead squirrel in a shoe box, bawling her eyes out. But that's another story for another day. Carry on.]

Do you love it?
Weirdly, yes. "Weirdly" only because I hated the house when we first saw it (cried on the way home after the showing and declared, in that completely rational and not-at-all-dramatic way that I have, that I would never be happy if they made me live in that house... NEVER!!!) but it's grown on me. Like mould? Possibly. But the good kind. It's the penicillin of real estate.

It's a nearly-new, three year old house. Can it still be the Money Pit?
YES!!! A thousand times, yes. Brand new it might be, but we have a long (long.... loooong) way to go until it's 100% ours. We've taken some small steps in the right direction, which I'll share with you over the next few weeks, but there's TONS to do (Daryn is cringing right now as he reads this over my shoulder. There might be some crying later. Boys just don't understand.)

And that's the scoop! We're moved in, but still living in boxes. We've only just begun to scratch the decorating surface, and I hope you'll stick with me as we revamp an entirely new Money Pit. Tune in tomorrow for the full set of "before" photos!