06 August 2013

Foodie Tuesday | Let's Drink to Good Health

Along with some other improvements I'm making to my life (I'm not calling them "changes" because nobody likes change unless it's of the loose variety; but everybody loves improvement - better is always better) I've decided to take my physical health more seriously than I have done the past decade.

I'm what you might call "full-bodied". Sort of... "Rubenesque" to put it mildly. To say that I can afford to shuck a few pounds is an understatement, but I'm more focused right now on health benefits and taking my responsibility as a role model to the girl more seriously than I am aesthetics (though I'd be lying if I said the potential for a slimmed down figure isn't appealing. It is.)

Anyway, in support of my quest for improvement, I've been reading my favourite foodie blogs with more intensity this week looking for recipes that look (and taste) more appealing than chips. My favourite recipe so far is a brand new one just posted over at My New Roots, a fabulous and beautiful vegan blog written by Sarah Britton.

Seriously, you guys, she's amazing, and her recipes (the ones I've tried, anyway) are off-the-charts delicious. Her Blueberry Basil Smoothie is my new breakfast go-to, and I'm amazed at a) how great I feel while and after I drink it, and b) how full and more important, satisfied, it keeps me throughout the day. It could just be the thrill of a new beverage relationship, but I really think we're meant to go the distance.

I've changed the recipe slightly to better suit my buds, using a mix of berries (strawberries + raspberries + blueberries) and adding a few extra greens because I like a grassy flavour; it makes my healthy choices feel somehow cooler and more legitimate (wishful thinking?). I love kale and basil, both of which are quite strong flavours, and I add extra of each to really ramp up the green flavour but if drinking freshly-mown-grass isn't your thing, I think spinach would taste less aggressive. Also, I have yet to add the bee pollen (because they don't sell it at the Superstore and I haven't yet made it out to my local health food joint, and also I don't know how I feel about eating, as Sarah puts it, plant sperm and bug spit.) but I'm working up to it.

These slight changes don't sound like much, but the end result ~ really, incredibly tasty and amazing though it is ~ is no beauty queen. Mine winds up all thick and grey-green, and looks more like Polyjuice Potion than I'm really comfortable with, so I'll let Sarah's beautiful photo do the talking for me (photo credit: that's Sarah's gorgeous work up there. Admire it.).

So check out My New Roots if you're interested in veganism or healthier eating, or if you're just looking for some fab and delicious meat-alternative recipe inspiration. And tell me: do you have a fave, go-to healthy recipe? Let's hear it!