07 September 2013

Basement Clean Up | The Dreaded "Before"

Nearly a year ago when we moved from the old Pit to the new, we were close to being done-in by the gargantuan task of editing the lifetime of crap stuff we had accumulated. Daryn and I are borderline hoarders, and between us we have enough crap stuff to sink a battleship. Added to the problem was the lifetime of crap stuff collected and accumulated by my grandparents and their four children, which was left behind when my grandfather moved. If you're doing the math, that's one lifetime each times EIGHT people equals... a lot. A really lot.

In actual fact, it took many months and the emotional fortitude of super heroes, but we did it. We purged and purged and purged, and streamlined our belongings down to just our "essentials". Then we packed those essentials up (in a good and orderly fashion, of course) and shipped them to the new house where, as moving day stretched into its twelfth hour and we dissolved from fresh-faced new home owners to stressed out exhausted nomads, it was determined that the very best place for most of those boxes was...

The Basement.

And there those boxes have sat for the better part of a year. Looking like this.

*WARNING: These seven photos are shame personified. I'm showing you because I trust you. Be gentle with me.

I know, right? It's just so awful. And weirdly, it seems like it's gotten worse over time, not better (probably because we spend so much time rifling through all those boxes trying to find that one thing that's been packed away that we need. We're rarely successful.)

But this is a GOOD NEWS post! I'm happy to report that we cleaned and organized the shit out of this basement. It's literally night and day: a perfect celebration of all that is good and organized. So tune back in on September 16th for our big reveal. It will knock your socks off!

And remember: shhhhhhh. This kind of basement shame stays just between us.