16 September 2013

Basement Clean Up | The Miraculous "After"

Not too long ago, I shared some photographic evidence of our superior organizational and housekeeping skills. I told you it was bad, and you probably thought I was kidding or overstating or just generally making a mountain out of a molehill or whatever. And then you saw the pictures and probably squirmed a little in embarrassment for me, that I would actually choose to share snapshots of that nature, and then maybe you patted yourself on the back because your basement might be bad but it doesn't look like that, and you felt better about your choices. So... you're welcome.

But in that same post wherein I broadcast my hoarding shame to the Internets, I ALSO promised it was actually a good news story, and it is! Here's the good news:

We broke our backs, and nearly died of the allergies (because if there's one thing we can barely tolerate, it's dog-sized balls of fur and dust, dust, dust... which was precisely what the entire basement was coated with, so it was totally: bring on the snot-faces! but we persevered.) And we succeeded. Mostly.

Check it out!

There's still a screaming ton of work to be done, not least of which is putting up some "walls" over the framing/insulation (which are in quotations because we can't afford real walls right now, so I'm experimenting with some other, creative solutions -- I'll update you as soon as I find something that works) and clearing out the area behind the furnace that's still packed solid with boxes. At Christmastime we'll tackle the boxes piled up outside the cabinet opposite the stairs (the second-to-last photo); no word of a lie, that's ALL holiday gear. We feel like the Grinch after he pillaged Whoville... the hoarding has got to stop!

It's definitely a process, but we're wrangling it. Rejoice in the progress! We are :)